Snippets-to-Spin-Offs: The Murder Rule (Part Thirteen)—Based on an Actual Evil Event Taking Place These Days Thanks to the Usual Suspects…Or Serpent?

When trying to complete a fiction novel to bring about a climax in the final chapter that is worthy of writing and reading, and when wanting to be inspired by an Almighty Spirit to aid in the cause of that Spirit, one sometimes comes across nearly by accident an interesting concept that can be incorporated into the novel plot, which, with The Murder Rule, involves exposing the Evil that seemingly ‘rules’ this world—think Ephesians 6:12 here, those ‘principalities and powers’ and ‘wickedness in high places.’

In this snippet below, the novel’s ‘Bad Guy,’ nicknamed Foxx, is leading the charge to bring about death and destruction of the world he believes he is a ruler of at the behest of that evil satanic figure I call Corion, and he is using a scenario that is being used by the non-fictional ‘rulers’ of Earth today—or so they think anyway: the evil elites such as the so-called ‘Illuminati,’ the World Economic Forum (the Davos crowd that wants us so-called useless eaters to eat bugs and ‘own nothing’ and ‘be happy’), the World Health Organization (that wants everyone ‘vaxxed’ for a flu-like virus that has a 95 percent survival rate even for the elderly, wearing masks so we can breath in our own CO2, socially distanced so we can no longer hug and bond and love one another as we all get addicted to social media which, with all the negativity in comments and what with the wokesters running the show at the behest of evil, etc.), and government leaders owned by these evil forces, to one degree or another.

And why is the notion of ‘serpent’ even mentioned in the post title? Because about a week ago I came across an article that suggests (supposedly, ‘proves,’ but I need more than one set of ‘proofs’ if you know what I mean!) that the Covid ‘vaccines’ contain…drum roll please…snake venom! From two of the most deadly snakes on Earth—King Cobras and Kraits, no less! Kraits are found in India as well as China, and, according to a VHS video I saw over 25 years ago, a bite by a krait snake can kill within half-an-hour unless the anti-venom is injected. And cobras can be just as deadly. Here is the link to the post which contains a video. The doctor making the video claims that since Satan wants all human DNA to be remastered to remove the God-given DNA while inserting ‘satanic’ DNA, then snake (or as the Bible says, serpent) venom has to be inserted into the DNA by whatever spike protein is made by the ‘vaxx.’ Again, this is the only ‘proof’ that snake venom is part of the ‘vaxx,’ and no one else has verified it, so I really can’t say it is true. Yet, it does make for a very interesting incorporation into the plot of the novel.

Aiding in this ‘serpentine’ scenario is Foxx’s medical buddy, Dr. Dorch, who Foxx has put in charge of creating the ‘plague’ as well as the ‘fix’ for the plague, the ‘vaccine.’ Dorch has a medical team of biologists helping him accomplish this evil deed, making this bio-weapon. Part of this team is a young man just out of medical school who thinks that the plot is part of an evil agenda—and his father is a leader of a fictitious Central Asian nation, named Adabustan.

Note: this leader of Adabustan is mentioned in The Prophesied Band, Chapters 6 and 7, as having been cured of cancer by the fake healer and satan-possessed cult leader, Cole Blessing.

And it is in Adabustan (as with the bio labs in Wuhan, China, where the ‘gain-of-function’ research was done to supposedly create Covid-19) where the ‘plague’ Foxx and Dorch want unleashed onto the world, is created, so they can ‘fix’ it with their snake-venom ‘vaccine’ and make billions in money. The young Adabustani team member is called Masul, and his father, a national leader who, not knowing the nefarious agenda of Foxx, allowed the bio-weapon to be created in his country, is named Mulabu, the Prime Minister of Adabustan. And Masul infiltrated this project precisely to learn the truth of it so as to warn his father.

The snippet below takes place in Adabustan’s Bio Lab in 2017. At the end of the snippet, The Murder Rule (Part Three) main good-guy character, Joe Phillips, is mentioned; Phillips, too, is trying to expose the evil and has written a book about it, and Masul wants to contact Phillips. The snippet is copyright © 2023 by Deborah Lagarde.

Within a Bio-lab in Adabustan, 2017

“So, you have developed our weapon against the deplorable masses, those we call ‘useless eaters’ that think they can have the Earth’s precious resources that only we in the godhead deserve? The ones that deplete Mother Nature, as Cole Blessing used to call our properties?” Foxx then slapped the man in a white lap coat on his back in humor. “Well done, Doctor Dorch! I knew—well, we in the World Forum Summit knew—that you and your team would accomplish this just in time for our plans to unleash it in a few years. After all the plans are finalized and approved by the Summit leaders.”

“Thank you, Mr. Foxworth—”

“Call me Foxx, Dr. Dorch. For we must have a program in place to cause the masses to side with us—”

“And our lord Corion—”

“Absolutely!” Foxx again slapped Dorch on his back. “Being within our Inner Sanctum Hellyons is one reason we chose you to head our, shall we say, ‘plague’ team. Our lord requires his due—blood sacrifices and death to slake his appetite for the flesh of those he has no use for—the masses. And with your creation of a virus—or really, a bio-weapon aimed at the inferior of our species that are not fit to survive as we, minions of Corion, rule the world for our lord’s pleasure as we take deserved ownership of this world’s resources—including those among the masses that we’ll allow to survive so they can serve us forever—”

Dorch laughed with the tenor of a cruel spirit. “And they will serve is forever! And we will make sure they’ll be happy to do so!”

Dorch then picked up a lab tube containing the contagion. “Their lives will be so aimless and empty they’ll do anything to live in the virtual world we will create for their distraction. When they aren’t doing our bidding, of course.” Cackled laugh of arrogance.

The ‘plague’ organisms within the tube moved happily as if they couldn’t wait to aid the evil cause of destroying humanity. They moved like snakes wrapped in a pool of blood, for the organisms that would be unleashed on the world were derived from the inner workings of a deadly snake found only in the Central Asian mountain nation of Adabustan.

Then Dorch, after placing the organism vile in its place, reached for another vile tube containing the ‘antidote.’ He showed Foxx, smiling broadly.

“And this, my dear Foxx, contains another virus derived from another snake—really, it contains a very small amount of venom mixed with micro-parts of other creatures as well as aborted fetuses—”

“Ah! More useless eaters!” Foxx howled a laugh imitating an Adabustan tiger. Clapped his hands.

“Well, sir, this will be developed into the, shall we say, antidote to the, shall we say, plague.”

Shortly, twelve members of Dorch’s team walked into the lab, one by one, including a young Adabustan native named Masul with purple hair and green eyes.

After cheering the team, all of whom then bowed to Foxx, the man who funded the entire operation walked over to Masul, who was a recent college graduate and the youngest—and most noble—member of the team.

“My name is—call me Foxx. And I am so glad to meet you, for you are clearly a brilliant young man being as young as you are for this project. And I love your hair!”

Masul bowed. “Thank you, sir, Foxx. And my hair thanks you too.” Smile.

Then Foxx bowed to him in supplication. “I will remember you always. But what is your name?”


Foxx clasped Masul’s hands.

Then bowed to the entire team. “You will all be handsomely rewarded! For by your work, you will have saved the best of humanity.” And, I hope, killed off the least of humanity! Finally!


Once outside the lab, a team member approached Masul. “I wonder, Masul, does Foxx know your dad is our Prime Minister?”

“Perhaps. But I have never met Foxx before. And I am not even sure my father has, either.”

Masul turned to the other. “My father really is not part of this whole experiment though he did approve of the Bio-Lab project. I do not think—” Then the young man faced downward with concern. “I do not think my father would approve of this experiment, even if, as Dr. Dorch claims, this experiment will help save humanity from what Dorch claims is any future viral contagion.” Looked at the other man. “My father watches contagion-type movies all the time. And he knows how these movies all play out.”

“Your father is wise. But I suspect he went along with this project due to the fact that a man Foxx likely knew, Cole Blessing, saved your father with his healing program back in the 90s.”

Masul had doubts about that ‘healing program’ from a fake healer, but he wasn’t about to reveal that to his team-mate.

“True.” Then looked the other straight in the eyes. “And please, since I do not want to get involved with politics, please do not tell Foxx I am the Prime Minister’s son!”

“If you say so.” The other men then laughed lightly. “If even Dr. Dorch doesn’t know it—”

“Good! And don’t tell anyone else on the team either. I’m just a guy, as they say in America.”

“But with purple hair!”

They high-fived each other.

The other left, which afforded Masul time for this thought that kept ringing in his mind.

Should I tell my father the true nature of this project, to serve the agenda of the Novordos and Hellyons who want to completely control the world and kill off as many ‘inferiors,’ as they are called, by these evil groups? My father has attended World Forum Summit meetings in the past after Blessing supposedly healed him. Blessing, and Mark Besst after him, were leaders of this organization, and my father deep down inside knows what these people are planning. I know how does not support most of what these people are doing, for my father is a good man. And if he does oppose this group, he will put his life—and maybe mine as well—in danger. But I have to tell someone! But who?

And then Masul remembered a truth-telling book he had read back in 2012 written by a man using a pen-name, an Englishman who had aristocratic roots and who knew the last Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau. A man Masul suspected was Joe Phillips.

Using internet search mechanisms, Masul learned where he could contact Phillips. A month later what with the project having been completed and Dorch having laid off his team, Masul made his way to London.

The next post, hopefully next week, continues this scenario where Foxx meets with Adabustan Prime Minister Mulabu as well as Dorch at ‘The World Forum Summit’ (modeled after the World Economic Forum) in London at a ‘secret meeting,’ where an unexpected event happens.

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About The Murder Rule: the Why

As with my post on why I wrote The Prodigal Band Trilogyhere, I need to write about why I am writing The Murder Rule, which is a “spin-off” so-to-speak of that trilogy. Hopefully, the novel will be completed either by the end of 2022 or by the middle of 2023…which, BTW, is a year where likely events that seem to be on schedule to happen play a key role in the final part (or parts, should a Part Four happen after Part Three) of The Murder Rule.

So, why am I writing The Murder Rule? The Prodigal Band Trilogy, based on the Gospel of Luke Chapter 15 parable of The Prodigal Son, deals largely with the spiritual battle of Good vs. Evil whereby ‘the prodigal band’ Sound Unltd repents of their nihilistic behaviors (‘riotous living’ according to the parable) and accepts ‘missions of God’ which leads to accepting Christ as Lord and Savior (‘returns to the father’ according to the parable). The Murder Rule is more of an expose` of the truly evil events within the music industry and the world as a whole, whereby if one tied to these evil narratives ‘leaves the reservation’ so-to-speak and begins to repent or fully does repent of their ties to evil, they just might be ‘taught a lesson’ so-to-speak: either they wind up dead or are threatened with death.

Part One, narrated by a pop culture pundit featured as narrator of The Prodigal Band, Lloyd Denholm, is highlighted by a rocker character featured in Battle of the Band named Denny Spradlin, front man of a rival band to the prodigal band, whom the media reports ‘committed suicide’ in early 1996, but was in fact murdered because he began turning against the music industry ‘narrative.’ To quote a line that opens The Prodigal Band, ‘If dead rock stars could talk,’ which was inspired by actual events as I discuss here and which was picked up by one of my fave alternative news/opinion sites, WinterWatch, here. And since Spradlin supposedly committed suicide—just as several rock stars from the 60s to the 90s supposedly committed suicide when in fact they were murdered for various reasons—is why he was chosen as the victim in Part One of The Murder Rule.

Part Two, narrated by a fan and part-time roadie of the prodigal band Sound Unltd called Bobby Jones, deals with why he later joined the trilogy’s evil new age cult called ‘The Church of the Circle of Unity’ as well as a ‘megachurch’ pastored by a man who wanted to ban his ‘employers’ from the US because of their supposed ‘devil worship.’ When Bobby left the church he committed to the new age cult, but soon regretted that decision. The result? Leaders of that cult, one of whom is featured in The Prodigal Band, tried to ‘teach Bobby a lesson,’ but failed, as Bobby survived a murder attempt (but lost his St. Bernard dog in the process). The character narrating Part Two, Bobby, was chosen not only because he ‘regretted’ partaking in an evil cult, but also because he truly accepted Christ as Savior and composed a song about Christ that would be sold to the prodigal band in Chapter Nine of The Prodigal Band.

Part Three, which I am still working on, is also narrated by Lloyd Denholm and features an important support character within the entire Prodigal Band Trilogy, prodigal band manager Joe Phillips, who is tied to a very elite and powerful family. Yet, he opposes the evil agenda of this family and refuses to take part in the evil agenda and is considered a ‘wayward son’ by these evil family members. Thus, ‘the murder rule’ could also apply to him, even though he is the son of one of the world’s most powerful individuals. Now, why would these powerful individuals seek to destroy members of their own families, or minions whom they needed to carry out their agendas but, at some point, refused to do so?  Here is the proof that even sons of oligarchs or high-level oligarchy minions are not above ‘the murder rule.’ Phillips was chosen as the main character in Part Three due to his elite roots and to show that elite roots won’t necessarily prevent one from being ‘murder ruled.’

Folks, this world seems to be getting more and more consumed by evil as time goes by, and it is my ‘mission’ so-to-speak to expose this evil in fiction mirrored by the evil in the real world often clouded in mystery. Thus, a ‘mystery’ or crime novel based upon truth…with spiritual overtones, of course!

Even Members of the Evil Elites Can Repent and Receive Salvation: If One of My Most Evil Fictional Characters Can Do It…

Folks, either I am going to write novels about why folks should at least consider accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior (because no one should be forced to do so), or write novels exposing the evil in this world, a world ruled by ‘principalities and powers’ and ‘wickedness in high places’ (Ephesians 6:12). The Prodigal Band Trilogy is about a fictitious rock band that after serving evil, repents, and accepts Christ as Lord and Savior—but it also exposes the evil in this world. The novel I am working on now, The Murder Rule, while mentioning main characters that did in fact accept Christ as Lord and Savior, is primarily about exposing evil, and not just in the music industry. Part One is nearly complete and will be finished likely before the end of June, 2022. Part Two is more than half finished. Part Three (and possibly a Part Four), that will also feature important characters from The Prodigal Band Trilogy, will go much further in exposing evil.

The snippet post below, from Chapter Sixteen of The Prodigal Band, features one of the trilogy’s most evil characters who is nearing death, Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau, head of several secret societies serving the satanic character Corion, as well as leading world-wide banker and one of the richest men on Earth. What happened to this man nearing death was miraculous, and I will not provide a ‘spoiler alert.’ But what happened was inspired by the FACT that not all members of the elites are evil, and, in FACT, a few have actually repented and accepted Christ as Lord and Savior.

Continue reading “Even Members of the Evil Elites Can Repent and Receive Salvation: If One of My Most Evil Fictional Characters Can Do It…”

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