Privacy Policy

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Please note that other than e-mail contact info using the “contact” form, or being a follower either by e-mail notifications or otherwise, you the user or accessor of this site can either grant me the use of whatever info you provide, or can “Unfollow” or let me know using the contact form that you want whatever data I might have to be deleted. If you are citizen of a European Union nation, especially one that speaks English (because my books are ONLY in English and my blog is only in English), and you don’t want me to have any info on you, then please do not enter any personal info anywhere on this site. Of course you can read the posts. And, if you do order my books paying for them in US Dollars only as well as shipping payment in US Dollars only, you don’t have to worry about me keeping your mailing/shipping address or any other personal info, because with me privacy is paramount. I do not use Google Analytics, so I do not know what data you have sent, anyway, because I likely value privacy as much or more than you do!

These also apply if you use any Facebook, Twitter, wordpress, Google +, or any other “share buttons” on the site. If you value your privacy, do not use them! (I do have a Facebook page, but it is not something I plan on using for very long…I’m ‘experimenting’ with it if you know what I mean…if I don’t need it to promote my books, I will delete it!)