The Truth About the (Music) ‘Industry’ Expounded in The Prodigal Band Trilogy (Part Three)—Handlers and Agendas

It isn’t just a matter of “selling one’s soul” for fame and fortune that explains why so many entertainers appear to promote and practice debauched behavior on- and off-stage. Those guiding their careers and success surely have something to do with it, including managers, producers, backers, and such ‘influencers’ as pop culture sages and spirit-guides. Timothy Leary and new age leader Maharishi Mahesh Yogi are examples from the ‘hippie days’ of the sixties, and Aliester Crowley, a Satanist and leader of an occultist group Thelema who died in 1947 (and memorialized by the Beatles as ‘sergeant pepper’ of sorts…Crowley also appeared on that album’s cover) also was an influencer in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s; Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin fame was an avowed follower of Crowley.

Thus it is not just ‘whistling Dixie’ that I included among the evil characters for The Prodigal Band Trilogy the occult ‘church’ leader Swami Negran, his successor, ‘healer’ Cole Blessing, and then the next successor Mark Besst, a tech oligarch in the age of the internet. Also included in the bad guy list are evil ‘Novordo Club’ and occult secret society the Hellyons members Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau, Duke Marty Effingchester, Mrs. X and Y and Rodney Davis, a mafioso-type, and others. All of these can be considered handlers, making sure the prodigal band Sound Unltd follows the nihilist agenda set forth by the evil, led by the Satan-character, Corion, who guides those handlers.

The first snippet is from Chapter Two of the original The Prodigal Band, copyright © 2018 Deborah Lagarde, and left out of the three-books-in-one The Prodigal Band Trilogy. It introduces Swami Negran and his ultimate goal to serve the evil god Corion, who is communicating with Negran in spirit as the swami watches all of his American church followers being sacrificed to Corion in a burning fire which he himself set. It is the year 1986, and it is right after (as stated in a previous snippet post) band guitarist Jack ‘prays’ for success as the band begins its national contest-winning tour.

Meanwhile, on an American Prairie


Swami Rashnish Negran, Calcutta native and head of the Church of the Circle of Unity, stood on a grassy hill overlooking his burning whitewashed church building, holding two cans of gasoline. Hearing the screams, cries, and torment. Seeing the steeple crash asunder. Smelling the octane burned up in flames. Tasting the toasted flesh. Touching the souls who will serve the dark Lord Corion, a god of Evil, forever in the Abyss.

“My sacrifice for you, my Lord Corion, as I promised.”

Negran, wearing his patented white silk dragon-design robe, matching pants, and sandals, fell to his knees, laid the gas cans down beside him and prayed, cupping his hands together, knowing Corion would answer him. For he was Corion’s channel.

“What do you wish now, my Lord, that I may do your bidding and have everlasting life?”

“Crynnwagg of the Crag-Dwellers you were, and the everlasting Crynnwagg you shall always be, if you deliver to me the souls of a six-man band of ill-repute. A band that will also deliver to me the throng of the world’s youth. A youth that will worship me for all time.”

“A rock ‘n roll band, my Lord? Is that who you want?”

“Not just any six-man rock band, Crynnwagg-Negran. They will be the greatest rock band ever. They will drive their idol-worshipers to follow me. They will serve me forever. You will befriend this band, guide their spirits, and lead them to me.”

“Your will be done, my Lord. But how will I know this band?”

“Go to Britain, to my servant Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau. He owns the world’s largest banking cartel and controls through his proxies the world’s foremost entertainment media outlets. Ingratiate yourself to these earthly powers. Forget about merely building a church of followers for your sacrifice to me. You have bigger fish to fry.”

“Fry. Burn.” Swami laughed out loud at this pun. A demonic laugh.

But Corion intruded on his reverie. “My demons will help you. They will help guide you as well as the six. They have already contacted the leader of this band and they know this band wants fame and fortune more than anything. But beware.”

“Of the Creator?” Negran shook on his knees at the thought of the wrath of God.

Corion bellowed anger. “The Creator? Do not concern yourself with the One that I will overcome! Beware of the old woman. She is called the Witch of the Hovels of Walltown, where, by the way, this band comes from. She can and will try to stop you. But her powers are limited. She needs the angels of granite, the Tooters of Walltown, to give her strength.”

“Walltown?” Negran queried. “Where is Walltown?”

“In northeast England on the Tyne River.”

“She is only powerful in Walltown then?”

“Yes. She cannot hurt you anywhere else, Crynnwagg-Negran. But if you go to Walltown, she can stop you. Understand?”

“Yes, oh Lord.” Nodded several times in supplication. “I will now commence my mission.”

“Do this, my son, and complete it successfully. Or I shall gnaw your bones forever.”

In the next snippet, Negran, who has already met with members of the band and is trying to get them into his cult church, is being given instructions by one of those evil bankster-oligarchs, Duke Marty Effingchester, to absolutely get Sound Unltd into his cult so as to get their millions of fans also into his cult. Negran must do this by using his red crystal of Corion, which the band members will not be able to refuse. For the band has not yet ‘signed’ or ‘given’ their oaths to the evil, and in fact have been banned in their country, the UK, for ‘rebellion,’ which was not actual rebellion. They were banned because they wanted to course their own route to elite status with their new record label, Foray. For going against the ‘plan,’ they were banned from the UK for six months. Yet the evil needed them badly, so the ban was ended and their label was allowed to go forward since the evil ‘knew’ they’d go along with the evil agenda and join Swami’s cult. From Chapter Six of The Prodigal Band, Swami and Effingchester meet inside an Indian restaurant in London right after the ban was lifted in February, 1991. And another thing—drummer Tom had just paid off indentured debts of his family and others in the Hovels, and the Duke sought to get revenge on Tom and the band, for the debt was never supposed to be paid off.

But with ‘the rebellion’ by the six against the Novordos needing to be quelled, Marty Effingchester—who had to get back at Tom for paying off the Hovels debt—assigned himself to ‘get back at’ Tom and the rest of his ‘rebellious’ pets.

Effingchester met Swami Negran at an Indian restaurant in the hippie district of London the afternoon of August 18 to discuss the Duke’s plan to entrap the sextet in a cornucopia of connived corruption of the soul and spirit. They sat at a small table in the back of the restaurant. Speaking nearly in whispers.

Negran, in his dragon-robe get-up, was curious as to what he was hearing from the Duke dressed in a silk business suit. “I thought my job was to keep Sound Unltd from splitting.”

“True.” Marty ate some rice topped with chutney. “But the unity they have had since 1989 is not the unity we need for them to have. The reason we require you to keep them spiritually united and incapable of splitting up is because you—not them, but you—must direct their spiritual unity. You are in charge of them, Swami. You are! You are the one to tell them how to work with each other for the unity we require of them. The unity we require of Sound Unltd is a spiritual unity based on your Church of the Circle of Unity. On Corion—not that blasted Tooters statue that piece of shit drummer of theirs believes gave them a healing song and inspired him to repay the Hovels debt. Corion. Satan. Lucifer. Call our Lord what you will. It is our Lord, not that stupid Jehovah God, Yahweh, whatever, that Sound Unltd must follow and worship and—need I remind you, Swami?—give their blood oaths to! Our god! And using your crystals, you must cause our six to lead the youth of this world that we will rule—and we will rule it!—to soul destruction in a feast to our Lord Lucifer. Our Lord must consume those souls—and especially the debauched souls of our six. Do you understand, Swami?”

“Yes. So you want me to tear down whatever unity they have had, to build up for them a new spiritual unity based on Corion worship. And give each one of them my red crystals?”

“Yes. The crystals, when you activate them. You do activate them, no?”

“Yes, I do. On the word of my Lord Corion.” The spirit that resides inside me.

“When you activate the crystals, their souls are debauched, little by little.”

“In an aura like an egg-shape, to any of them wearing the crystals.”

“And when they perform at concerts, you activate their crystals to ensnare the souls of their multitudes of fans.”

“Yes, if the luminous egg is within reach. Those close to the stage—the mosh pit, eh—will have their souls consumed by Corion. And if all the band wear these crystals, the egg could even reach out to those near the back of the stadium or show hall or arena—whatever. So I must get all six of the band into my cult.”

“Yes, you must. And you must get each of them in at the precise moment that each one knows he must join your cult. Or else—whatever he needs to accomplish will not be accomplished until he joins your cult.”

“And I know exactly whom I need to get the plan going. I have been nudging him, and his woman as well, into my cult for months now. Since the evening the ban was lifted. At his Long Island estate. All I need to do is get him into a business deal I have set up with Mr. X. Satellite television networks. I will make him a fortune. In a matter of days! That will get him into my cult! That will get him a crystal. Which he can then use to get the others in.”

“I assume you mean Erik Manning.”

“Of course!” Laugh. “What else are lead singers for? They love the attention, right? It won’t take much for him to convince himself he is already a rock & roll god, now will it?”

In the final snippet here also from Chapter Six, Swami ‘proves’ his major influence over the prodigal band during record production in March, 1992. Normally, outside influencers are not part of record production, and at least one of the band members is not in favor of Negran being in the recording studio at all, and Negan vows to deal with that ‘rebellious’ musician later!

“This will be your greatest and most glorious album ever!”

Thus proclaimed Swami Negran as his controlling red crystal glowed so as, the Indian mystic believed, the souls of the sextet could be, little by little, sucked out of their beings. Without giving thought to the fact that only five of the six wore these controlled crystals. But the hubris-ridden cultist refused to consider that all of them needed these crystals for his sinister plan to take fruit.

Negran then slapped producer Mick lightly on his left shoulder. Then leaned against the computerized mixing console. “Your songs are wonderful, uplifting works that will spark global peace and harmony.”

Mick, who made sure his two ‘Crag-Dweller’ compositions of orchestral and elaborate strings and haunting vocals mixed with violent lyrics of death made it onto this ‘great and glorious’ album, snickered, “Yeh. Killing priests and drinking blood will definitely bring about world peace!”

Negran ignored that sarcastic truth. “You know what they say.” Laughed, then quoted Frederick Nietzsche regarding chaos and order.

Mick turned to him with a sneer. “So like Nietzsche is your god now?” And then, “Get the hell off the console, eh?”

“Well,” getting away from the console, “not exactly a god. But he was a very wise man. He also created the ‘man-superman’ theme. And I truly believe that as followers of my church, you great and glorious musicians are definitely super-men.”

Keith, standing with the others off to the left side of the console and overhearing the conversation, broke out as he approached the two, “Like we were great musicians way before you ever showed up! And you bloody well know that, because if we weren’t, you never woulda showed up in the first place!” Got in Negran’s face. “We don’t need you, Mystic Man!”

Mick turned to the bassist. “Calm down, man.”

Short chuckle. “Right!” Then lit a cigarette and blew smoke in Swami’s face. Returned to the others.

Whom Negran then faced. “Let me clarify what I really meant. I did not mean you were not great musicians before I met you. You were. Because the God we all believe in gave all of you that talent.” Which god is neither here nor there. “But many great musicians never quite use the talent God gave them for great and glorious purposes. They use the talent for themselves, exclusively. Whereas you six not only use that talent for yourselves, but to help heal the planet as well. Why do you think the World Youth Cultural Council—of which I am a member, right?—wanted you to perform at ‘Planet Aid’ last August?  Because you six are world youth leaders for peace on earth. You weren’t even members of my faith yet. You were great musicians as well as great world youth leaders before you even joined. And that is precisely why I wanted you in my faith. Because God made you that way.”

Mullock was not appeased. “Right. Tell us something we don’t know.”

Again, Swami ignored it. “Look, I have to go. Thanks for having me here.” Out the door.

And what you don’t know, Keith, is that I can claim your life and your soul with a mere enchantment of you, and your gang-banging cohorts, and I will claim you! All of you! For sacrifice to my Lord Corion, to Lord Lucifer. And your stupid God will never stop me!

In the next post I will deal with actual mind control scenarios in the industry. Refer to the menu above if interested in purchasing books or downloading the FREE PDF The Prodigal Band.

The Prodigal Band Trilogy © 2019 by Deborah Lagarde, Battle of the Band © 1996 by Deborah Lagarde, The Prophesied Band © 1998 by Deborah Lagarde and The Prodigal Band © 2018 by Deborah Lagarde. Permission needed to copy any materials off this page.

The Truth About the (Music) ‘Industry’ Expounded in The Prodigal Band Trilogy (Part Two)

Years ago I read several articles in various newspapers and pop culture magazines about Mafia or ‘Syndicate’ influence in the music industry (as with Hollywood and other entertainment platforms) into the 80s and 90s. I know for a fact that the Mafias (and I don’t just mean the Sicilian one) owned various night clubs and concert venues (and not just in the US).Though Mafia influence seems to have waned some I suspect they still have a say in the entertainment businesses, including record labels.

Note: the part about involvement with evil New Age guru Swami Negran, as stated in the previous post, will appear next week in Part Three.

The following snippet is from Chapter Two of the original version of The Prodigal Band, self-published by OmegaBooks in 2018, © Deborah Lagarde. The then-five band members (minus bassist Keith who would rejoin the band later) are sitting with then-manager Billy Prestin, Keith’s dad Sean Mullock and new road manager Billy Hallsip, eating spaghetti, the night before the band Sound Unltd would embark on their contest-winning national tour.

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The Truth About the (Music) ‘Industry’ Expounded in The Prodigal Band Trilogy (Part One)—And a Tribute to Rap Legend DMX…RIP, DMX!

I was going to post a new set of articles regarding either The Prodigal Band Trilogy or a message for Christian authors in their writings. But then I learned rapper DMX, an avowed believer on Christ, died supposedly of a heart attack on April 2, which so happened to be Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross in the year (according to most historians) 29 AD.

While I was never a fan of rap, gangsta or otherwise, I was a fan (sort of) of DMX as he was an avowed believer on Christ and is known to have spoken about Christ to fans and rap fans in general. While I was not a listener to his tracks, I did hear him in various videos talking about ‘the industry,’ such as one on YouTube that was later incorporated into a ‘truther’ video upon his passing, such as this one: (copy and paste the link into the browser; due to the ridiculous CASE Act, I will not post the video which might be copyrighted.) He not only denounced the evil within ‘the industry’ but also ‘preached’ so to speak about accepting Christ as Savior to fans at concerts and other events. Further, DMX was an actual inspiration while completing the trilogy in 2018.

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The Foreword to The Prodigal Band, Self-Published by OmegaBooks in 2018, the Original Version of the Third Novel of The Prodigal Band Trilogy

Below is the original Foreword to the original, copyright 2018 by Deborah Lagarde, version of the third novel of The Prodigal Band Trilogy, The Prodigal Band, which is available as a FREE PDF download at the link in the menu above. It turns out, however, that calling this a ‘Foreword’ was a mistake since I wrote it; Forewords are usually written by another person; a Publisher, an Editor, or a Beta Reader. It should have been called an ‘Introduction.’

Further, Foreword or Introduction, the words below do state the ultimate purpose of the novel and the trilogy as a whole. Cheers!

A new post will arrive next week.

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Happy Resurrection Day…Or Easter…Or Passover

And speaking of Passover, a group of members of the church I belong to had a Passover meal the previous Saturday on the day Judaics have what is called the Seder, a Passover meal. I did not attend, but fine for whoever did. Jesus Christ, the ‘Passover Lamb’ so to speak–the sacrifice for sin, that is, in the Jewish Passover feast time which requires lamb or other sacrifices for sin–likely also celebrated the Seder in His day. Most Christians call this Holy day Easter, but I call it Resurrection Day.

I prefer Resurrection Day since it is the day Christ was resurrected, that is, came back to life as seen by Apostles, Disciples and others.  Easter or Resurrection Day follows Good Friday, where Christ died in the crucifixion (as would the Passover Lamb die as the sacrifice for sin), and then Holy Saturday, where Christ “descends into Hell” as the Apostles Creed states in order to liberate good souls who did not have the opportunity to claim Christ as Savior but did God’s will anyway (such as the prophets, John the Baptist, and others). But instead of a Passover sacrifice which would have to be replicated year after year, this Sacrifice was for all sin, for all sinners, for all time. If you are not a believer on Christ, please consider that act as an option for you.

The Apostles Creed, by the way, is a statement of faith uttered mostly by Roman Catholics, and maybe Orthodox…I don’t really know much about the various Orthodox Christian doctrines, but maybe they say this Creed as well. Or maybe an Orthodox version…. the Catholic version mentions the Catholic church.

Hopefully, you won’t be stuck at home and can attend church on this Christian holy day, which is where the word ‘holiday’ comes from. My state, Texas, is now ‘open for business’ (and never should have closed in the first place! If one is sick, covid or otherwise, stay home! Sheesh!), and hopefully, so is yours. Or your country if outside the US. Virtual church or ‘e-church’ is fine, but still… It’s better to actually be able to receive Communion if you know what I mean…

Blessings! Further, I will be posting early the coming week. The post will concern the original ‘Foreword’ of the original third trilogy novel, The Prodigal Band.

Why Is The Prodigal Band Available As A FREE PDF Download?

Folks, the last time I counted the number of downloads of the FREE PDF The Prodigal Band, the third novel in The Prodigal Band Trilogy, that number exceeded 500! This is not counting the number of downloads prior to July, 2019, when the number of downloads of uploaded files was not recorded by WordPress but the number of visits to the download page was recorded, and there were lots of visits there.

Here  is the link to the page that tells about the third novel The Prodigal Band, including the content of Chapter One, and here is the link to the download site at the top of this page.

But why is The Prodigal Band available as a FREE PDF download? Since the trilogy book published by Lulu is available to be purchased, why just give away the third novel in the trilogy?

The third novel The Prodigal Band is a FREE PDF download because this is the novel that completes the prodigal band’s journey to redemption, whereas the first novel, Battle of the Band, tells of the band’s fall into crises after crises after reaching the goal of fame and fortune and then the crash, while the second novel, The Prophesied Band, has the band recovering physically and psychologically on the road to recovering spiritually, which occurs in the second part of The Prodigal Band. In other words, as with the Gospel of Luke Chapter 15’s The Parable of the Prodigal Son about his fall, recovery, and then the journey home to his father, Battle of the Band is about the fall; The Prophesied Band is about the recovery; The Prodigal Band is about the journey home to redemption. And this journey to redemption was the point of it all, why I wrote this trilogy in the first place. But I also had to write the two previous novels to show and tell what the redemption meant and why the redemption was necessary. And the battles between Good vs. Evil as well.

It would certainly help if the reader read the first two novels to find out why redemption was necessary and the details about the battle between Good and Evil, to read about the crises and the beginnings of understanding what was necessary to see one’s was out of the morass the band members (and their women also) had put themselves into while reaching rock god status. But I will leave that up to the reader as to whether the reader wants to read the other two novels.

But The Prodigal Band has a redemption message, and it is in fact a FREE message that one can use FREE WILL to decide if one is to accept the message or not. I do not feel as if I need to ‘charge’ anyone a ‘fee’ so to speak to get this message, and I also think since it is a FREE WILL message it should be made available for FREE as a PDF download (since PDF files are easy to download and easy to add to one’s e-book device….just follow the instructions on the download page!). So while I won’t be earning money this way, that’s not what this ‘mission of God’ is all about, and besides, I’m doing fine financially, thanks to God’s blessings. Cheers!

And that is why The Prodigal Band is available as a FREE PDF download!

Photo above copyright 2009 by Deborah Lagarde

Symbolism Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy, Part Three

The most important symbols within The Prodigal Band Trilogy—star systems and constellations symbolizing the battle between good and evil, the Red Crystal of Corion and the Corion Cross—have already been discussed with appropriate trilogy snippets in the previous two posts. This post concerns symbols that the prodigal band uses on album covers and as stage props in concerts that are prevalent within the pop music industry now and for decades. Satanic symbols and patterns, checkered-mosaic-tiled-floors (a Freemasonic highlight, supposedly), drippings from chains suspended between legs (indicating drippings from orgasms), pentagrams and “oozing” vaginas are used on one particular album cover. For concerts, A-shaped or triangular ‘monoliths’ (indicating so-called ‘illuminati’ symbolism) topped with rotating circular shapes such as ‘planet Earth’ and eye-shaped symbols (‘the all-seeing-eye’-like symbols), and, of course, the Corion Cross of which the prodigal band’s logo is based upon.

Album covers for rock bands utilizing ‘satanic’ symbols have been around for years and most prominent rock bands from the 60s into today have used these symbols. One symbol I did not use that is extremely prominent then and now—the ‘one-eye sign’—was not used because I never saw that symbol as significant until the site Vigilant Citizen showed me just how this symbol is everywhere in pop culture. But this symbol was even used back in the days of the Beatles; more than one album cover has a variation of the one-eye sign, including one of their earliest albums. Commonly known ‘satanic’ symbols would include upside-down crosses, symbols of pagan gods such as the ‘eye of Horus’ or Baphomet horns (used, to my dismay, by a loved-one’s fave Japanese rock band, the GazettE, on a poster of theirs) or the ‘as above so below’ arms pointing upward and downward simultaneously used by many rockers in posters and such, ‘666’ and such pointed symbols or upside-down 5-pointed stars, and other pagan god symbols too numerous to mention.

So, I figured, if this prodigal band began its journey to redemption as a tool for the forces of evil, at least one album cover and at least one concert featuring these symbols had to be utilized within the trilogy. Since the first novel in the trilogy, Battle of the Band, is the only novel that mentions an album cover in detail or a concert in detail, all three snippets in this post come from this novel.

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Symbolism Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy, Part Two

This symbolism post will deal with the evil character Corion, the Corionic Cross and the Red Crystal of Corion. I used to name Corion because it sounds like the star system Orion and it just came into my head when I began writing the trilogy. Why Orion? Because when I was growing up on Long Island, what with all the street lights and pollution and the fact that I almost never saw any stars even on a clear night, the only star cluster that I could see clearly was Orion’s Belt. That is why I chose the Orion system to help name my character, that happens to be the evil satanic character in the trilogy.

As for the Corionic Cross… why a cross? Because crosses are huge in terms of symbology. Every Christian sect or society seems to use crosses thanks to the crucifixion cross of Christ at Calvary: Jesuits, Dominicans, Orthodox, various Protestants and Catholics, Rosicrucians (their cross looks like a rose), Knights Templar and others. And the satanic groups also use crosses, turning them upside down. And the Corion cultists did use a cross of sorts.

Since band guitarist-producer Mick was a follower of an ancient cult in Wales called the Crag-Dwellers and their god was Corion and Corion had a cross, he decided that the prodigal band Sound Unltd would use a similar cross to be their band logo. The cross and the logo used snakes. The cross and logo (pictured above) are featured on the original cover of the first novel in the trilogy, Battle of the Band.

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Symbolism Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy, Part One

There is much symbolism within The Prodigal Band Trilogy, which begins with the first novel in the trilogy, Battle of the Band. This is where the symbolism begins and covering the symbols in this first novel will need at least two posts, maybe more.

This post deals mostly with three star-systems and constellations mentioned in a song composed by the prodigal band members and is mentioned in Chapter Two of Battle of the Band. The constellations are Draco, also known as ‘the Dragon’ constellation; Pleiades, which is located within the Taurus constellation and looks like its own constellation; and Orion. In the third novel of the trilogy, The Prodigal Band, I mistakenly claimed Pleiades was within the Dragon constellation, but it only looks that way-it is not within this constellation, and may only look like it is because it could be further back in the sky but looks closer. It also looks on a wide-ranging star map as if Orion is close to the Dragon constellation.

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New Post Will Be Next Week

Due to freezing weather in far west Texas which I am sure most readers are aware happened in nearly all of Texas beginning this past Sunday February 14 and continued until today (out here anyway), and due to having no internet from Monday until Thursday (yesterday), the next post on symbolism within The Prodigal Band Trilogy will arrive next week, hopefully as soon as possible. And thanks to God we had no freezing issues such as broken water pipes with temps down to single digits; I was prepared to deal with it even though I stayed up most of the night Sunday and Monday. Warm and snug with wood heater and no power outage here. Cheers!