The Prodigal Band Trilogy



UPDATE: The Prodigal Band Trilogy can be purchased from both Lulu and iBookstore by clicking here and can be purchased from Amazon by clicking here. To purchase in other formats such as Nook or WalMart (Kobo), check the Goodreads links here for the e-book and here for the print book version. The price for the e-book is $8.99 and the print book is $37.95. You can also check the the OmegaBooks Bookstore for more details and links.

The printed version of the book will also be available to purchase from the OmegaBooks Bookstore.

The “Three-Books-In-One” trilogy encompasses the three original books of this trilogy:

Battle of the Band

The Prophesied Band

The Prodigal Band

Though some parts of the original books have been removed as they were not necessary and because certain parts are mentioned in another of the books (and to shorten the length of the 3-books-in-one which is in its printed form over 670 pages anyway!), and all of the Prologues and Epilogues have been incorporated into either the first or last chapters, The Prodigal Band Trilogy published by Lulu Press basically tells the whole story from beginning to end.

Here is part of the description of the book that appears on the back cover of the printed version:

“Take a fictional ‘road trip’ on a mystical mystery and spiritual tour as a fictitious six-member 80s and 90s rock and roll band fashioned after the Beatles rides through occultism and New Age mysticism with their lives of stardom mixed with plenty of tabloid fare, sex, drugs, and rock and roll. The crash that comes afterward, including near-death experiences for two of the band members, leads to a more uplifting spiritual journey along with missions to defeat the Evil after nearly getting sacrificed on a blood-laden altar while the forces of Good watch over them. This is a three-book tale of good vs. evil, where the band must make their choice…Spiritual, horror, fantasy, satire, and comedy elements galore. General, Adult.”