Snippets-to-Spin-Offs: The Murder Rule (Part Thirteen, Continued)—Based on an Actual Evil Event Taking Place These Days Thanks to the Usual Suspects…Or Serpent?

This is a continuation of a snippet post (copyright © 2023 Deborah Lagarde) from The Murder Rule, Part Three which, as I stated in the previous post here, would be posted this week. Last week’s post concerned the creation of not only an organism that would bring about a ‘plague’ in the near future, but its ‘antidote’ as well. The purpose was to kill off as many people as the creators of this plague, the evil character Foxx and his henchman, Dr. Dorch, desired—because they hated humanity, especially the non-elite folks called ‘useless,’ and because it would serve sacrificial purposes to their ‘god,’ Corion. Foxx was also head of a one-world-government-type organization of various globalist elites called the World Forum Summit. Does this organization title sound familiar? But one of the experimental team members, Masul, is the son of the Prime Minister of the fictitious Central Asian nation of Adabustan, and both he and his father, named Mulabu, are secretly opposed to this evil plot.

In the following snippet, Mulabu, a member of the World Forum Summit (since he is a national leader), attends a secret Summit meeting in London regarding this ‘plague-antidote’ agenda. After all, it was he, as Adabustan leader, who allowed the experiment to be run in a bio-lab within his country, so he was invited to the secret meeting, which takes place in 2017. Mulabu’s son Masul was also in London and they would later meet at a London restaurant. The snippet is below:

World Forum Summit Meeting, London, Summer, 2017



Masul wasn’t the only member of his Adabustani elite family in London by the summer of 2017. With the World Forum Summit annual meeting in London having just begun within a large convention center just built near Trafalgar Square close to the royal palace, the still-Prime Minister of Adabustan, named Mulabu, was greeted in the royally decorated convention center lobby by Foxx, now head of the Summit organization.

Having made Mulabu’s nation a headquarters for his nefarious plague agenda, Foxx bowed to the Prime Minister out of obsequiousness.

“Welcome, Mulabu!” Foxx bowed his head. “Without your permission to work on a possible cure for a possible up-and-coming contagion led by the renowned Dr. Dorch, our possibly life-saving project would never have been completed.”

“Thank you, Mr. Foxx, for your welcome. It is an honor to serve the cause of life. And for the invitation here.” Mulabu then bowed his head.

Now that I am here, Mulabu thought as Foxx guided him into the meeting hall, I can discover the real motivation for these experiments. My son claims the project is evil in nature. He infiltrated the lab having just finished his bio-medical college degree and believes he knows the plan. Now I can discover if he is correct by infiltrating the Summit again this year.


Three days later, the World Forum Summit held a special meeting with only Foxx, Dorch, Mulabu, and six other bio-medical leaders within the organization seated around a table in a small meeting room. The meeting dealt strictly with the plan known as Viral Exercise X that featured a visual presentation of a ‘future scenario’ of a world-wide viral plague. The plague originated from a ‘natural’ virus that affected snakes and other reptiles and led to world-wide panic. A ‘natural’ cure via a hastily developed inoculation would be the only cure for this virus for humanity. In the presentation, supposedly a quarter of humanity had caught the viral contagion. At the end of the presentation, only the hastily developed vaccine saved most of the planet.

The presentation over with, Dorch stood up out of his seat at the head of the table below the visual screen.

“This visual presentation you have just witnessed is a precursor to what will actually take place by, likely—what with the continuing development of the inoculation my team has created, including testing the developing vaccine on lab mice as well as humans as the mice tests conclude—what will likely take place within the next two or three years. As has been stated by myself, Foxx, and some of you in this meeting, it is almost a certainty that a snake- or reptile-induced virus will occur soon. Snakes, and reptiles in general, have had to deal with changes in climate cycles that likely they have not had to deal with in thousands of years. Warming then cooling, almost overnight, and cooling then warming almost overnight due to conditions snakes and reptiles have not had to deal with until recently, what with man-made disruptions in the natural order of things, such as air pollution unlike anything nature has had to adapt to, ever! The changes in the atmosphere have caused snakes and reptiles to, shall we say, sicken as never before. And, of course, snakes and reptiles, but especially snakes, pass on their afflictions to other life forms and eventually to humans, either through snake bites or through waste-product-feces and more onto plants and wildlife. That means food products for human consumption could be impacted by snake waste products. That means a vaccine that could cause immunity from snake toxicity must be fully developed, and soon.”

And on and on, until Dorch ended his speech, which hailed cheers from the others in the room.


A short time later, Foxx met with Dorch as the others were leaving, and spoke in hushed tones.

“Good talk, Dorch. I really could not have come up with a better explanation for what we are going to unleash on the unsuspecting populace in a year or so. Snake virus! What a ruse!”

Then Foxx turned down the overhead lighting.

Dorch did his best not to laugh though he wanted to. “Well, I could have come up with some bird flu scenario, but haven’t we already done that?”

“That we have!” Muted laugh.

“So, I figured if we’ve used birds in an earlier plot, why not reptiles this time? And while most reptiles are relatively harmless—”

“Except alligators and crocodiles—”

“Yes, but they are water creatures, right? We needed a land reptile that would scare the hell out of the useless masses that, shall we say, need to go into their useless graves if you know what I mean.”


“I mean, Foxx, do we really need billions of people? They make me sick, actually!”

“And we need to make them sick! Useless idiots!”

“And besides, Foxx, our lord needs his due, wouldn’t you say?”

“And we must honor our lord, Dorch. Definitely!”

“As our lord will honor us!”


For Dorch, as with Foxx and a few others that attended this meeting, was a member of the Hellyon Inner Sanctum, its leading medical ‘expert.’


At the last word out of Dorch’s mouth, the two minions of evil exited the room.

But unbeknownst to them, Mulabu heard most of their conversation, having crouched unnoticed behind the cabinet shelf platform that held the video viewing screen.

My son was correct! That bio-weapon my son helped to create was made to kill perhaps billions of people. And the coming inoculation is the actual bio-weapon, not any so-called ‘snake virus’! Then the Prime Minister of Adabustan hanged his head in regret. And I let them use my country to develop this evil! May God forgive me for that! And Masul as well!

The next post likely will not be a snippet post, but more likely a post related to more about how or why The Murder Rule is being written. Use the menu above to purchase books, download the FREE PDF The Prodigal Band, read more snippet posts at the link above, and more. Cheers!

Snippets-to-Spin-Offs: The Murder Rule (Part Thirteen)—Based on an Actual Evil Event Taking Place These Days Thanks to the Usual Suspects…Or Serpent?

When trying to complete a fiction novel to bring about a climax in the final chapter that is worthy of writing and reading, and when wanting to be inspired by an Almighty Spirit to aid in the cause of that Spirit, one sometimes comes across nearly by accident an interesting concept that can be incorporated into the novel plot, which, with The Murder Rule, involves exposing the Evil that seemingly ‘rules’ this world—think Ephesians 6:12 here, those ‘principalities and powers’ and ‘wickedness in high places.’

In this snippet below, the novel’s ‘Bad Guy,’ nicknamed Foxx, is leading the charge to bring about death and destruction of the world he believes he is a ruler of at the behest of that evil satanic figure I call Corion, and he is using a scenario that is being used by the non-fictional ‘rulers’ of Earth today—or so they think anyway: the evil elites such as the so-called ‘Illuminati,’ the World Economic Forum (the Davos crowd that wants us so-called useless eaters to eat bugs and ‘own nothing’ and ‘be happy’), the World Health Organization (that wants everyone ‘vaxxed’ for a flu-like virus that has a 95 percent survival rate even for the elderly, wearing masks so we can breath in our own CO2, socially distanced so we can no longer hug and bond and love one another as we all get addicted to social media which, with all the negativity in comments and what with the wokesters running the show at the behest of evil, etc.), and government leaders owned by these evil forces, to one degree or another.

And why is the notion of ‘serpent’ even mentioned in the post title? Because about a week ago I came across an article that suggests (supposedly, ‘proves,’ but I need more than one set of ‘proofs’ if you know what I mean!) that the Covid ‘vaccines’ contain…drum roll please…snake venom! From two of the most deadly snakes on Earth—King Cobras and Kraits, no less! Kraits are found in India as well as China, and, according to a VHS video I saw over 25 years ago, a bite by a krait snake can kill within half-an-hour unless the anti-venom is injected. And cobras can be just as deadly. Here is the link to the post which contains a video. The doctor making the video claims that since Satan wants all human DNA to be remastered to remove the God-given DNA while inserting ‘satanic’ DNA, then snake (or as the Bible says, serpent) venom has to be inserted into the DNA by whatever spike protein is made by the ‘vaxx.’ Again, this is the only ‘proof’ that snake venom is part of the ‘vaxx,’ and no one else has verified it, so I really can’t say it is true. Yet, it does make for a very interesting incorporation into the plot of the novel.

Aiding in this ‘serpentine’ scenario is Foxx’s medical buddy, Dr. Dorch, who Foxx has put in charge of creating the ‘plague’ as well as the ‘fix’ for the plague, the ‘vaccine.’ Dorch has a medical team of biologists helping him accomplish this evil deed, making this bio-weapon. Part of this team is a young man just out of medical school who thinks that the plot is part of an evil agenda—and his father is a leader of a fictitious Central Asian nation, named Adabustan.

Note: this leader of Adabustan is mentioned in The Prophesied Band, Chapters 6 and 7, as having been cured of cancer by the fake healer and satan-possessed cult leader, Cole Blessing.

And it is in Adabustan (as with the bio labs in Wuhan, China, where the ‘gain-of-function’ research was done to supposedly create Covid-19) where the ‘plague’ Foxx and Dorch want unleashed onto the world, is created, so they can ‘fix’ it with their snake-venom ‘vaccine’ and make billions in money. The young Adabustani team member is called Masul, and his father, a national leader who, not knowing the nefarious agenda of Foxx, allowed the bio-weapon to be created in his country, is named Mulabu, the Prime Minister of Adabustan. And Masul infiltrated this project precisely to learn the truth of it so as to warn his father.

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