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This page features all links to all of The Prodigal Band Trilogy “Snippet Posts” according to topic, episode, category, or genre. I am posting this page within the MENU at the top of the home page because many of the Snippet Posts are no longer “sticky”, sticking to the top of the Home Page, but require lots of scrolling toward the bottom or are features on “page 2” or further down the list. So that if you want a quicker way to access a particular snippet category or post, use the links in this new MENU page.

Beginning with the first set of Snippet Posts, here are the categories and links:

Genre Category Snippet Posts







Occult (Part One)

Occult (Part Two)







Snippets Based on Reality Within the Trilogy

Jet Burns and Mechanical Failures

New Age Cult Recruitment of Celebrities

Red Crystal Amulets and Channeling Spirits

Eating Disorders of Models and Celebrities

Christian Cults

Alternate Personas

Rock Stars and Supermodels

End Times Scenarios

Real World Influences on Evil Characters

Child Abuse

Real Spiritual Experiences

The Creator

Biblical References Series Snippets

Episode One: The Outer Darkness

Episode Two: Gnawing of Bones Forever

Episode Three: The Parable of the Laborers of the Vineyard

Episode Four: Born Again

Episode Five: Anyone Can Follow Christ

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band (Part One)

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band (Part Two)

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band (Part Three)

Prodigal Son Meets Prodigal Band (Part Four)

Episode Seven: God, not Satan (or the Power Elites), is in Control

Controversial Topics Series Snippets

Episode One: Politics

Episode Two: Religion

Episode Three: Sexual Orientation

Episode Four: “It’s Not What You Know, It’s Who You Know”

Episode Five: Evolution vs. Creation/Intelligent Design (Part One)

Episode Five: Evolution vs. Creation/Intelligent Design (Part Two)

Episode Six: Consequences of Poverty and Debt (Part One)

Episode Six: Consequences of Poverty and Debt (Part Two)

Historical Context Snippets

Part One: Rome Invades Britain; Druids

Part Two: William of Normandy Invades Britain and Genealogy

Symbolism Snippets

Star Systems

Red Crystal of Corion and Corionic Cross

Album Covers, Videos, and Concert Stage Props

The Truth of the Music Industry Expounded in the Trilogy Snippets

Part One (and a tribute to truth-teller DMX)

Part Two: Mob Connections

Part Three: Handlers and Agendas

Part Four: Mind Control

Part Five: “If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk” (Part One)

Part Five: “If Dead Rock Stars Could Talk” (Part Two)

Random Trilogy Snippets

Part One: Perilous Times

Part Two: Consequences of Allegiance to Evil

Part Three: Galas and the Hypocrisy of the Rich and Famous

Part Four: The Biggest Battle is Spiritual, Part One

Part Four: The Biggest Battle is Spiritual, Part Two

Part Four: The Biggest Battle is Spiritual, Part Three

Part Four: The Biggest Battle is Spiritual, Part Four

Part Four Extra: Travis Scott Gig

Part Four: The Biggest Battle is Spiritual, Part Five “For We Wrestle Not with Flesh and Blood…”

Random Snippets that Lead to Climactic Events

Part One, from Battle of the Band

Part Two, from The Prophesied Band

Part Three, from The Prodigal Band

Character Snippet Posts, along with Posts about the characters which are far down the Home Page, as well as “Deleted Scenes” from the three original novels the make up the Prodigal Band Trilogy, will be featured on other MENU Pages soon.






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