Random Trilogy Snippets, Part Four: The Biggest Battle is Spiritual (Part Two)

To heck with waiting until next week to post this ‘spiritual battle’ part two, The Prodigal Band Trilogy, snippet post. While looking through the novel for snippets relating to spiritual battles between spirit entities or between the band characters and these entities, I found a long snippet that shows why one spiritual side or the other cannot always carry out their assigned task of winning over the people (real or fictional) the spirits are supposed to win over. In other words, there are spiritual battles among the group of people themselves, which hamper the spirit forces’ tasks. In the entire trilogy, it just might be the best example of this spiritual ‘tug-of-war’ among the band characters. All of them—singer Erik, drummer Tom, guitarist-band leader Jack, guitarist-producer Mick, bassist Keith, and keyboard-synthist Bryan—are featured. The long snippet is within Chapter Eight of Battle of the Band.

Having just completed a special ‘World Unity Day’ concert in San Antonio, Texas, the two main song composers, Erik (lyrics) and Jack (music) fall asleep in a limo headed to Houston for another gig as well as an appointment at a recording studio to track a new song. While asleep, the satanic character Corion’s minions called the Demons (Gold, Silver, Bronze) ‘give’ the two a new song, not only to be recorded, but to ‘seal the band’s oath’ to the evil as part of the band’s ‘pact’ with Corion explained early in this first novel of the trilogy. Later that morning the song is recorded, but questions arise as to the origin of the song, a song which has an historical context for both the good and evil sides. The song is called “Song of the Demons” (and I will not post the lyric words in this snippet). Eventually, the six discuss the ‘why’ of being ‘given’ a song ‘of demons’ when one of them brings up a previous event as the band several years before began their nationwide contest-winning tour, when Jack ‘prayed’ for success. Then drummer Tom, the ‘channeler’ of spirits within his entourage of new agers, arranges to channel the spirits to find out the truth of this situation. Also mentioned in the snippet are the Tooters, the good angels opposing Corion and his Demons.

Song of the Demons’

En route from San Antonio to Houston, Jack and Erik needed a quiet setting to compose a song Jack had been mulling over for weeks. The two rode in the back of the guitarist’s chauffeur-driven limousine. Jack had his portable amp and guitar with him. When they reached Houston, the song would be taped and arrangements composed later. However, the song wasn’t materializing as Jack wanted. Too wasted on scotch. Nor was the boozed-up singer in any condition to consider rhyme schemes. They fell asleep an hour out of San Antonio.

“They’re asleep now,” Bronze Demon said. “Perfect time to give them our message. But how much of it will we give them?”

Silver Demon answered. “We can’t give them the last verse. They haven’t earned the right to hear their puny planet’s destiny. With this song, they’ll sign our blood-oath. Then they’ll know they are our ultimate troubadours!”

Bronze Demon snickered in reply, puss oozing out of its mouth. “Unless those silly Tooters get to them first.”

“The Tooters?” Gold Demon bellowed with a fiery breath. “Ha! Those insignificant beings haven’t been with our boys in years. Our six won’t listen to them anymore. We have provided them with everything they desire. Sound Unltd is our tool! The Tooters have lost them forever. It’s just a matter of the Pact.”

Gold Demon spoke to Erik’s subconscious in a seductive voice of avaricious greed, its mask of classic Greek god features dripping with a coin-ringing sound. “You think you’re so successful, so rich! So you own five estates, sixteen flashy cars, twelve condominiums, four shopping malls, twenty-five square blocks and sixteen apartment buildings. A real venture capitalist! You possess nearly a ton of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds to keep you warm. Ooooooo, so deliciously rich. The money just keeps dripping off you, doesn’t it, boy? Your latest adventure—Richmont City, a city within a city, with an entertainment plaza to boot—swells your bounty to the sky. So you think you’ve escaped poverty forever, that you’ll never want again, eh boy?”

In his sleep, Erik smiled, warm and happy that his awesome wealth was untouchable.

Then, his body shook. The mask of Gold Demon began to spew puss and excrement.

“You’re wrong, boy!” Gold Demon cackled in a high-pitched maniacal voice. “You’ll want for the rest of your life! More wealth! More gold, more cars, more real estate! More! More! More! You’ll never have enough! When the world’s economies crash, you’ll not be safe. Cataclysm will get you, boy!”

Erik mumbled and grumbled, trying to awaken from the nightmare.

“Don’t you wake up yet, boy!” the mask of Gold said, now slurping its own molten ooze of smelted gold. “I have a song lyric to give you. A song that will make you a lasting living legend and give you and your fellows lasting luscious wealth beyond the scope of your puny mind.”

The music, a clashing, thrashing, colliding symphony of molten metal, ghoulish organs, and heart-pounding rhythm began, and then a scream in agony. “You will not forget these words, boy!”

The lyric, sang in Erik’s own voice, resounded, and backed by an echo of the chorus, ‘Song of the Demons.’

(After the song lyric sang in Erik’s own voice is given)

While Gold Demon spoke to the singer, a silver apparition, dressed in silver lame’ brushed with flashing gems, black leather studded bracelets and gold metallic boots, played a fiery smoking guitar and spoke to Jack’s subconscious.

“So! Perfection is your game. Perfect woman. Perfect homes. Perfect cars. Perfect playing technique. Perfect investments. Your hotels, night clubs, movie houses, amusement parks, body-building clubs, restaurants—perfect! Your works of art and décor in your six private palaces—perfect! Your style of dress and your image—perfect! You, my boy, will be among the masters of the music-ax, and a master composer will be your acclaim.

“I will give you our music, boy, and you will compose it with all its intricacies, and your fellows will arrange it to your exact specifications. No note, no arpeggio, no fugue will go wanting. It will be your greatest work. You will not forget this!” For eleven minutes and fifteen seconds, the raging violins and metallic symphonies played in Jack’s dream.

As they slept and slept, the Demons beckoned them. “Follow us. Be one with us.”

They got to the studio at around seven a.m. It was all set up to write the song.

“You know, Jack,” Erik said with cocked head and cockier attitude, “if this most awesome masterpiece doesn’t convince the world we are the greatest.”

Jack fired a chord. “The reigning rock genius!”

They whooped and slammed their fists together.

A couple of hours later, all six listened to the mock-up tape and agreed it could be their best song ever.

Jack sat on a stool, guitar ready, unfinished song sheets in front of him. “Can’t wait to finish these arrangements. I think it’ll be even better than ‘Let the Night Down.’”

“Hmmm.” Tom lit a cigarette. “Could be,” he said. “Fascinating lyric. Hey. Erik, where’d you get the words from?”

“Where I always get the lyric. From me head, eh?”

“Come on, man, it sounds so bloody historical. I can’t believe you just made that up. Or have you been reading medieval history lately, in between blow jobs?”

They laughed.

It then occurred to the singer that Tom had a point. “I hear you. I dunno. It just came to me, eh? Like I dunno who this ‘Duke’ is or that ‘King’ is. Just came to me.” Perplexed, Erik sat in a corner, lit a cigarette, and wondered.

“Too witchy for me.” Keith grabbed his bass and started free playing. “There’s a lot about our songs lately that get to me. Like, Demons? Bloody heavy-metal groups do that shit, eh? I’ve never known us to be into that satanic shit. So, why now?” Thump, thump, thump. “Getting tired of all this New Age crap we’re into. I still believe in The Code, though I’ve joined all those stupid Foundations and Swami crap.”

“You got a point, eh? Demons. Why us?” Mick walked over to Jack and pulled up a stool. “Could it be, Jack? The same demons, or angels or whatever, that you said spoke to you the night before we left Walltown back in 1986?”

“Hmmm. I dunno what spoke to me back then. Like, the demons in the song could be the same— And anyway, Mick, they called themselves my guardian angels. Are you saying they’re demons?”

“Like you really think if they were demons they’d admit it? Not bloody likely. So, like, how we supposed to find out?”

“Like, you really want to?” Keith got off his stool. “You really want to play with fire like that?”

“Just curious, man.”

“You know what they say about being ‘curious.’”

Tom sat at his drums and banged on a snare to get attention. “Maybe I can channel these demons.”

Several sarcastic laughs.

“Yeh, yeh, yeh. Through Corion, I suppose.”

“Yeh, Skinny, I think I will!” The drummer returned to the floor. “Unity circle,” he called out. “On the floor, eh?”

After Tom cleansed his chakras and did his meditative breathing, Corion really spoke through him.

“I am Corion, god of light born in darkness. Your question, please.”

Jack asked, “Corion, as a follower of your light path in The Circle of Unity, tell me, who are those demons in the song we just composed?”

Corion answered through Tom. “The demons you speak of, my son, call themselves demons but they are not demons in the sense you know. They are unjustly accused of evil, misunderstood by the self-righteous phonies. Yet their strongest desire is for what you seek in your Foundation—world peace, world unity and world justice. An end to wars, famines, and poverty. They are the leading lights of my heavenly spirit. When they first came into this world, they indeed took part in evil doings, but they had no choice. They carried out their part of the Plan which is now beginning to see fruition on this beautiful planet. Out of confusion, stability. Out of evil, good.”

“Okay. But are these the same demons who spoke to me years ago and told me Sound Unltd would reach success?”


Jack’s eyes lit up. “Through you, Corion, could I speak to them again?”

The Demons overhead yelled, “Yes! Yes! Now we’ll seal our Pact with you!”

Corion answered through Tom, “Yes, you may.”

Keith immediately broke the circle. “No way, man! I’m not taking part in calling up demons!”

Jack and Mick had fits about the interruption, but Bry cut in. “For once I agree with you, Keith. What you want to do, Tom, is dangerous! Not only that, but shit, Jack, it’s like now you’re saying that some damned demons, not us, made our success. So, like, which is it? You saying we didn’t earn our success? We just had it handed to us?”

Mick put his hand on Bry’s shoulder. “Calm down, Red-beard. That ain’t what Jack said.”

Bry turned angrily at Mick. “That’s exactly what he said! The demons told him we’d be successful.”

“Hey, look, Bry. You know damned well we worked our bloody asses off to be where we are now. You know damned well we’ve earned it!” Jack stood up and pointed at the bulky one. “What the demons said was that we’d make it if we earned it. If we wanted it more than anything. And, dammit, we did!”

“Well then why the hell are we even doing this channeling crap? Ain’t what we have good enough?”

“Yeh, it is, eh?” Erik wanted to get on with it and drop the subject. “Like, why don’t we just do the song, put it on our next album, and rake in the loot. Like I don’t know how the song got into me head, but it did, and we were meant to have a hit with it. So let’s do it and be done with it.”

“Okay, okay, let’s do it,” others agreed.

The Demons cursed in anger.

“Pact or not Pact,” Gold Demon cried, “they will pay for this!”

The low, deep voice called to The Demons out of the fire. “Have patience, children. I decide when our servants pay off!”

Humble now, Gold Demon answered, “As you wish, my Lord.”

And, as their Lord wished, three young men who had attended the World Unity concert were arrested in San Antonio July 19 for “…bashing in the heads of two four-year-old boys with lead pipes in a rash of unprovoked violence in the Alamo City the past few days.”

The San Antonio newspaper report shocked many.

Hopefully, the next post will be put up next week. In this one, the six will be ‘communicating’ with the Tooters.

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The Prodigal Band Trilogy © 2019 by Deborah Lagarde, Battle of the Band © 1996 by Deborah Lagarde, The Prophesied Band © 1998 by Deborah Lagarde and The Prodigal Band © 2018 by Deborah Lagarde. Permission needed to copy any materials off this page.

Random Trilogy Snippets, Part Two: Consequences of Allegiance to Evil

It is not easy to choose random topics for The Prodigal Band Trilogy snippet posts when so many categories and topics have already been ‘snippeted’ if you know what I mean. But I feel it is important to stress messages that need to be written about, and what with this world seemingly turning more and more evil as time goes on, the subject of ‘good vs. evil’ needs to be revisited every now and then.

Allegiance to evil is not the same as doing bad things or saying bad things or hurtful things as part of a lifestyle one has dug oneself into within a spiritual hole leading one to commit random evil acts such as theft or deliberate deception or murder or self-harm or addictions or joining gangs or groups promoting destructive ideas or joining cults, and such. Allegiance to evil means willfully and wittingly doing the bidding of evil physical or spiritual forces for the benefit one ‘sells one’s soul’ to achieve. I’m not talking ‘fame and fortune’ here; I’m talking about things like ‘immortality’ or god-like status or supreme power, things the forces of evil could ‘grant’ one if and only if one gives complete allegiance to this evil, perhaps convincing oneself that this evil is actually ‘spiritual goodness’ because the evil has convinced one of this deception disguised as ‘truth.’

According to the Book if Isaiah, King James Bible (copyright-free), this relates to the notion that the evil, called ‘Lucifer,’ and in other parts, called Satan and names of the various false gods of the day (Baal, Beelzebub, Remphan, Moloch, etc.), is actually deceiving itself. Verses 12 through 15 of Isaiah Chapter 14 explain this as what some Bible teachers and pundits call “the five ‘I wills’”:

{14:12} How art

thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning!

[how] art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken

the nations! {14:13} For thou hast said in thine heart, I will

ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of

God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in

the sides of the north: {14:14} I will ascend above the

heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High. {14:15}

Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the


Thus, Satan or Lucifer or the name of this Evil character in my trilogy, Corion, cannot deceive God, called in the trilogy ‘the Creator.’ But Corion can, quite easily, deceive those who owe allegiance and willingly give allegiance to him, especially if the one giving allegiance has also deceived the evil Corion! And no evil character in my novels had deceived Corion more than Crynnwagg, originally the High Priest of the Celtic Druid-hating Crag-Dweller cult that inhabited the mountains of Wales around the time of the Roman invasions under Emperors Claudius and Nero in the 40s and 50s AD.

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The Truth About the (Music) ‘Industry’ Expounded in The Prodigal Band Trilogy (Part Four)—Mind Control

Sorry for the delay in posting! This continues the posts from The Prodigal Band Trilogy regarding how the music industry operates. The mind control I refer to here is not MK-Ultra type or magic-trance type operations, but spiritual, using crystals and rituals combined with ‘prayers’ to spiritual entities; in most cases, evil ones.

However, the first snippet post is part of a song given by good spiritual entities (the angels called the Tooters) to an early 80s rock band singer, Cobey McLeod, that would later serve as an example to the prodigal band, Sound Unltd. The song is called “The Legend of the Prophesied Band,” has a ‘surf music staccato,’ and is featured in Chapter One of The Prophesied Band. This snippet contains part of a verse of the song the ‘prophesies’ the band in question partaking in evil, which it would of course:

Then, the surfer-riffs clashed with metallic onslaught. McLeod’s voice spoke of deals made with the ungodly and lives of pleasure wasted.

And they will dance with Satan,

And they will be filled with lust.

Their minds won’t be their own.

They’ll be the tools of the unjust.

But, like the Prodigal Son, they will come home to live in the ways of The Creator. And the young will follow them.

I emphasize here the final two lines, “Their minds won’t be their own, they’ll be the tools of the unjust,” the evil satanic character Corion and his minions.

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Symbolism Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy, Part Three

The most important symbols within The Prodigal Band Trilogy—star systems and constellations symbolizing the battle between good and evil, the Red Crystal of Corion and the Corion Cross—have already been discussed with appropriate trilogy snippets in the previous two posts. This post concerns symbols that the prodigal band uses on album covers and as stage props in concerts that are prevalent within the pop music industry now and for decades. Satanic symbols and patterns, checkered-mosaic-tiled-floors (a Freemasonic highlight, supposedly), drippings from chains suspended between legs (indicating drippings from orgasms), pentagrams and “oozing” vaginas are used on one particular album cover. For concerts, A-shaped or triangular ‘monoliths’ (indicating so-called ‘illuminati’ symbolism) topped with rotating circular shapes such as ‘planet Earth’ and eye-shaped symbols (‘the all-seeing-eye’-like symbols), and, of course, the Corion Cross of which the prodigal band’s logo is based upon.

Album covers for rock bands utilizing ‘satanic’ symbols have been around for years and most prominent rock bands from the 60s into today have used these symbols. One symbol I did not use that is extremely prominent then and now—the ‘one-eye sign’—was not used because I never saw that symbol as significant until the site Vigilant Citizen showed me just how this symbol is everywhere in pop culture. But this symbol was even used back in the days of the Beatles; more than one album cover has a variation of the one-eye sign, including one of their earliest albums. Commonly known ‘satanic’ symbols would include upside-down crosses, symbols of pagan gods such as the ‘eye of Horus’ or Baphomet horns (used, to my dismay, by a loved-one’s fave Japanese rock band, the GazettE, on a poster of theirs) or the ‘as above so below’ arms pointing upward and downward simultaneously used by many rockers in posters and such, ‘666’ and such pointed symbols or upside-down 5-pointed stars, and other pagan god symbols too numerous to mention.

So, I figured, if this prodigal band began its journey to redemption as a tool for the forces of evil, at least one album cover and at least one concert featuring these symbols had to be utilized within the trilogy. Since the first novel in the trilogy, Battle of the Band, is the only novel that mentions an album cover in detail or a concert in detail, all three snippets in this post come from this novel.

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The Prodigal Band Trilogy Deleted Scenes, Part Six

Episode Six is similar to Episode Three, where singer Erik’s girl and future wife Ger is conversing with the bassist Keith’s wife Jarris by a swimming pool at the home of a movie producer; they are starring in a ‘zany’ comedy.

This particular episode however is more satirical—knowing how hypocritical Hollywood-type celebrities can be, claiming they care about endangered wildlife while wearing fur coats of endangered animals or wearing leather clothes of animals they claim to care about, I just can’t help pointing out this hypocrisy!

In Episode Six, Ger and Mo, the estranged wife of synthist Bry, get together within her room at a fancy palatial estate next to an Ashram of New Age cult leader Cole Blessing, whom had just ‘cured’ Ger of esophagus cancer. After the cure, Ger, who is brunette, Erik and their children moved to a fancy estate in ‘LA Hills.’ Note: Bry is also at the bash to try to win her back. The ‘bash’ in question is a gala to help fund Blessing’s New Age cult, the Church of the Circle of Unity founded by the evil Swami Negran, and his Ashram.

Ger arrived at Mo’s room right after Blessing left the room—to perform a satanic ritual in the basement cavern of the palace, which Blessing did not know drummer Tom and his lover Princess Tina had witnessed outside the cavern through a small door window. The Red Crystal of Corion used by the late Swami Negran was essential to the ritual. This gala and ritual event takes place in late May, 2000. From Chapter Eight of the original The Prophesied Band:

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Snippet of Reality Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Child Abuse and Then Some by the Powers-That-Be

Everyone on Earth, likely, has heard of the infamous pedophile and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, who cajoled various world leaders into going with his sex schemes involving teenaged (or younger) girls. Epstein was American; Britain had its own infamous trafficker who also supposedly had ties to some in the Royal Family named Jimmy Saville, who was in fact knighted by ‘Her Majesty.’ Then lesser known is the Belgian Marc Dutroux who also was known to attract world leaders, who was tried several years ago and one can research. And there are others from various nations. Also in the US was the Franklin Scandal of the 1980s and1990s that one can research involving many US politicians.

But my The Prodigal Band Trilogy characters are (mostly) Brits. So when one of my favorite alternative news sites, WinterWatch, posted an article about pedophilia and sex trafficking in the UK was almost standard operating procedure among that nation’s elites, that piqued my interest as a snippet topic. Not necessarily sex trafficking, but mostly pedophilia and especially child abuse (which IMHO is part of pedophilia) even using very young children as victims. Here is the link to find out more about this likely truth.

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Snippets of Reality Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Past and Present Real World Influences on the Evil Characters

The previous snippet here dealt with end-time scenarios of a kind I am seeing on many pop culture and news websites thanks not only to the corona virus but mainly the reaction to this so-called pandemic by ordinary people, medical ‘experts,’ tech oligarchs, governments, and religious leaders who seriously think we are in those ‘days of Noah.’ Note to these religious leaders: God, not you, gets to decide when the end times are coming! You might be right, but stop the fear mongering anyway! Fear mongering and preparing for the end times are two different things!

End times or not, it does seem that this world is ruled by evil forces. I still do not know exactly how this corona virus started or where it started but there are a multitude of conspiracy theories about this including the notion that some ‘deep state’ group or big-pharma-techie alliance for vaccine profit got this going in some lab somewhere just because, or something else. So, did some evil group create this so-called pandemic to set up some globalist order or a system to track every person on the planet? Snippet three in the previous snippet post brings this up, only it is not a chip but an ID card. Supposedly, some tech geniuses want to put some tracking chip into a coming corona virus/covid-19 vaccine. Some are calling this chip ‘the mark of the beast.’

Back to the evil forces. The Bible verse Ephesians 6:12 lays this out–‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ (KJV, copyright-free) And that ‘spiritual wickedness’ is what controls the minions of evil, who will do whatever it takes to control the world and its people. Did they create this virus? Maybe. But it seems more likely they are using corona virus for their evil agenda; different minion groups have different evil agendas. If tech oligarchs combined with big pharma and others are creating a vaccine with a tracking chip as some claim, then that is, indeed, part of an evil agenda. Our Bill of Rights allows not only freedom of speech, thought, religion (or not), but also freedom of assembly. Without these rights, folks get anxious and fearful–perhaps that is what evil wants.

Notice I mentioned alliances between tech firms and ‘big pharma’ or what some would call ‘healers or philanthropists.’ And it just so happens (again, divine guidance) that two of my most important evil characters, Cole Blessing (The Prophesied Band) and Mark Besst (The Prodigal Band) are ‘healer/philanthropist’ and ‘tech oligarch,’ respectively. The first two snippets, from The Prophesied Band, feature Cole Blessing. The second two snippets, from The Prodigal Band, feature Mark Besst. Both Blessing and Besst, as with Swami Negran, have a task that their evil god Corion has given them and must be completed: get the prodigal band, Sound Unltd, to sign an ‘allegiance oath’ giving their souls to Corion.

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Inspirations from Reality: Truth Snippets Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy–The Series

My original inspiration to author the books of The Prodigal Band Trilogy was divine, or divine inspiration, my ‘mission of God’ so to speak, a term I use within the novels. But that was not the only reason for the content of these books: Battle of the Band, The Prophesied Band, The Prodigal Band.

Through years of research into popular culture, various brainwashing programs based on eye-witness stories, New Age philosophy and cult practices–I’ve known several individuals who belonged to New Age cults as well as bogus Christian ones, and of course occult groups as well–effects of drug use on various rockers and others including overdoses leading to death or near-death, supposed ‘suicides’ by famous rockers that may or may not have been suicides and were perhaps even murders (the ‘27 Club’ and all that…and now famous young rappers also appear to be caught up in that)… And then there has been research into Satanism, the so-called ‘Illuminati’ and other evil groups in that the power these evil ideas have on popular culture especially these days with all the symbolism shown in VMA shows and whatnot…devil horns, eye-covering ‘one eye symbol’ photos that seem to be everywhere…and the various websites exposing this stuff. Seemingly what began as my research began in the late 60s before I even considered writing these novels is now the norm. Back in the 60s and 70s, it seemed a bit extreme. Yet the most popular bands of that era, and their handlers, may have set those occultic scenarios into motion. I know that because I, too, dabbled into the occult for a short time.

I will say this, however. Without the divine inspiration, my novels would likely have played out differently. The journey of my six-member band, the ‘prodigal band,’ would have ended up on a different course.

Beginning next week this series of reality events and truths that caused me to write what I wrote will be posted, one truth at a time.

And, while fiction is fiction, there is likely not one fiction novel of any genre or kind that has not been inspired by some real event or truth in the life of the author.

As to the picture at the top of this post–“pearls of wisdom,” so to speak.

Snippets of The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Paranormal

The two previous set of snippets dealt with the occult; this one deals with the paranormal. Some might consider occult and paranormal the same thing, but there are differences. Occult implies humans practicing witchcraft or satanic rituals or playing at them–that is, occult is where, to one degree or another, humans are in control or at least are doing the bidding of the spirit that is taking part in or leading the ritual. Paranormal, according to the definition I found, implies lack of control on the part of humans to some extent: denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. That is, normal human understanding!

The two snippets in this post, both from the final book of the trilogy, The Prodigal Band, are clearly beyond human understanding, as both events are completely under divine control, for divine purposes. One of the snippets is similar to an actual event that happened to someone I know. Similar events also occurred to some very key figures in the Bible.

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Snippets of The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Occult, Part 2

Part One of this snippet-occult series delves into mock occult practices which anyone that feels like faking occult practices could do, such as claiming to ‘channel’ some spirit entity so as to embed oneself into some New Age celebrity grouping, for instance. Heck, IMHO, anyone can claim to be a ‘witch’ or ‘wizard’ just by buying a Ouija Board or Tarot Cards or pretend to perform séances. Now I never owned a Ouija Board but I once bought Tarot Cards having no clue as to how to use them as a witch would, but just to see what Tarot Cards looked like. One girls’ slumber party I attended–I was in a high school B-list sorority–I witnessed (without taking part in it) a séance on a sorority member performed by another sorority member who may or may not have ever performed séances before. As I stated in the previous post, any activity I had with anything occultist stopped the night two friends and I created a mock Ouija Board and would up calling up spirits we should never have called up, scaring the crap out of all of us so that they had to walk me home over a mile around 11 p.m. and it was still winter.

In part 2, the snippets call forth much more sinister forces than mere fake channeling of some New Age ‘god.’ Anyone who studies the occult knows why occult rituals are used–for true witchcraft, and to capture souls for the forces of evil, the devil, aka Satan, which in The Prodigal Band Trilogy is referred to as Corion, a fictional false god of an ancient fictional Celtic cannibal sect that rivaled the Druids, called ‘the Crag-Dwellers’ of the mountains of Wales. Now who would want to ‘capture souls for the forces of evil’? The spiritual forces of evil, of course, and their minions on Earth whom they have given such as power, wealth, fame, fortune, and lusts in exchange for their loyalty to the Evil. And who would be victimized by these forces? Folks who get suckered into seeking advantages over others by “selling their souls to” the devil and such, which is supposedly rampant in the annals of popular culture, according to some. Rock stars, for instance, but also their fans.

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