Snippets of The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Spiritual

Gee, Hallowe’en is almost here! Time for spiritual snippets! After all, I’ve already done horror, paranormal, fantasy, and two occult snippets, part 1 and part 2…or should I have left the occult snippets for Hallowe’en? But anyway….

These snippets involve actual (fictional) duals between the good and evil spiritual forces as well as communication between the Evil and its human minions. I could mention many instances here, but three snippets should be enough, and they are shorter than usual; some of my snippets have been quite long!

The first one comes from Chapter Eight of Battle the Band where, during a host of 1995 Sound Unltd concerts, the good forces, The Tooters, battle the bad ones, The Demons. The previous year, the Demons “gave” songwriters Erik, the singer/lyricist, and Jack, the guitarist/composer, a song relating to the history of their hometown called ‘Song of the Demons.’ Later in 1994, at a party at Erik’s estate, The Tooters ‘gave’ both a counteracting song, ‘Where Do We Come From?’ that also relates to their hometown history. At the concerts, they perform ‘Song of the Demons’ and then, to close the concerts, perform ‘Where Do We Come From?’ The following snippet features the spiritual battle in the dimensional beyond ‘above’ the concert stage and audience, both band and fans completely unaware of the ‘battle.’

1995, on the road again


Onto the Bellyful/Bad Boys Are Back world tour, where a taste of the battle to come between The Tooters and The Demons took Sound Unltd completely unaware while performing ‘Song of the Demons’ back-to-back with ‘Where Do We Come From?’ night after night, in city after world city. Nor could their fans sense the clash of light-against-dark-swords in the spirit dimension high above their waving fans and bodies.

‘Song of the Demons.’ Gold Demon swung its sword and came within a hair’s breadth of decapitating Tooter Two. “Give up now, you puny being!”

“No! I invoke the Creator!”

“Not during our song. It won’t work!” Swoosh!

The bright-red soul catching egg encased the stadium.

Most within chanted, louder and louder, over and over. “Corion, Corion, Novordopax, Tricameron!”

‘Where Do We Come From?’ began. The egg faded, the chanting stopped.

“Pray to our Creator, Tooters three, and on to attack!”

The Tooters took the initiative. One of them yelled as it swung and missed Silver Demon, “We could really use a rendition of ‘Let the Night Down’ about now!”

“Forget it! They haven’t played that in years and it’s not in the Plan. The time will come.”

And always, at the end of the segue, the two sides remained at a standoff.

By the way, ‘Novordopax’ is a saying that means ‘new world order peace’ and ‘Tricameron’ equates with the three configurations of evil mentioned in the Book of Revelation within the Bible: the dragon, the beast and the false prophet.

The next snippet comes from Chapter Five of The Prophesied Band, where the satanic fallen angel, named Corion, speaks to a group of evil men regarding their inability to force the band Sound Unltd to sign a ‘pact’ to ‘sell their souls’ to the evil. The men are expecting some form of judgement against them as happened to cult leader Swami Negran, who failed in his mission from Corion to capture the souls of singer Erik and bassist Keith while in hospital from alcohol-drug overdose and mild heart attacks, which ended the first trilogy book, Battle of the Band. Corion is speaking to banker oligarch and leader of the bad guys, Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau, as well as Duke Effingchester, Mr. X and Mr. Y, all media moguls. The “he” in the first line refers to the evil spirit Corion.

“He is here.”

Within a secret room housing a granite flat-stone altar to Corion in the dungeon of Torquay Hall, the Duke of Effingchester and Messers. X and Y heard Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau’s pronouncement.

“And he is exercising judgment.” Effingchester was nervous for his own life. For he had allowed the Hovels debt to be repaid.

“It was swift, I’m sure.” X shivered though the small room was warm. The media mogul had been unable to acquire Foray Records as his lord had wished.

“Pray we will have more time.” Y was really sure they wouldn’t. He felt goosebumps on his goosebumps. He, too, had failed to gain Foray.

The rotund Baron knelt at his altar and said in a quivering voice, “Corion, our lord, tell us your will that we may serve you.”

The others also bowed to their god.

Still undefined and unseen, Corion spoke through the Baron. “I have destroyed your fellow, Negran. The world’s media will know he perished in a car crash south of London on the 9th of February, 1996. See they know it, X. And know, too, a similar fate awaits those who will not carry out my will.”

Corion, through Torquay, didn’t wait for his servants to gulp with fright. “It is apparent you need my direct assistance to win over this planet. Swami could not deliver to me the band of the spoken-pact. You must still use your influence to get them to turn over their record company. I myself will work with them directly. I’ll do whatever it takes to bend them to my will. Each’ll gladly pay with their souls and the souls of all youth by the time I finish with them. Further, I’ll give you the power to win their company. They won’t refuse. They’ll have no choice.”

The others thought with smiling faces.

(Mr.) X. Economic chaos. Currencies will be ruined. The masses will beg us to save their worthless money. We will bend them to our will. And our will be done!

(Mr.) Y. Companies not already under our control will collapse unless the owners bow to us. We’ll control it all!

Effingchester. I will again own the Hovels folks—and all the masses of the world. And that drummer who defiled my family will be served on my most prized gold platter. I will gladly consume him while his Tina, my beloved wife, watches in horror! His heart laughed.

Corion went on. “I will now take my place in this realm among you mortals. As you fulfill your duty, you will know who I am in this world. I will be a healer the world’s populace will follow, for it is written. In time you’ll know for sure, and you’ll complete my will. And then you’ll sit at my right hand.”

The elect smiled with drooling mouths and blazing eyes.

“Or I will gnaw your bones forever.”

In the final snippet from the final chapter of The Prophesied Band, Corion, the evil satanic spirit that is inhabiting Cole Blessing–who took over the Circle of Unity cult after Corion captured Swami Negran–engages The Tooters. The angelic statue is right across the road from where Blessing and his disciple ‘Xulya,’–synthist Bry’s wife Mo–and their three boys exit a cab en route to see Bry at the hometown park, Victoria Park, in mid-July, 2000, where the band will perform that night at the music festival. But while Mo and the boys exit the cab and head over to the park where the women of the band are waiting for them, Blessing feels sick. Blessing is never sick, but the evil spirit that resides within him makes him sick as the spirit, Corion, gets ready to encounter The Tooters, angels of The Almighty.

Meanwhile, Cole Blessing remained at the cab as the driver was perfectly willing to let his meter run.

Corion was also there. “So you think you can keep me from my destiny, puny Tooters!”

Wise Tooter Three answered. “It is not we, Corion, son of darkness, who had made your human host sick. It is not us you must defeat! And you will not pass this north gate, nor the park, nor the stage.”

“I could crush you with my pinkie!”

“Then why don’t you?” Plucky Tooter Two answered. “Because you can’t. The Creator created you, and He does not wish it.”

“He created me, yes. But He won’t rule for long! This planet will be mine!”

With uncharacteristic chic, Tooter One slowly responded. “In your dreams.”

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