Snippets of Reality Within The Prodigal Band Trilogy: Past and Present Real World Influences on the Evil Characters

The previous snippet here dealt with end-time scenarios of a kind I am seeing on many pop culture and news websites thanks not only to the corona virus but mainly the reaction to this so-called pandemic by ordinary people, medical ‘experts,’ tech oligarchs, governments, and religious leaders who seriously think we are in those ‘days of Noah.’ Note to these religious leaders: God, not you, gets to decide when the end times are coming! You might be right, but stop the fear mongering anyway! Fear mongering and preparing for the end times are two different things!

End times or not, it does seem that this world is ruled by evil forces. I still do not know exactly how this corona virus started or where it started but there are a multitude of conspiracy theories about this including the notion that some ‘deep state’ group or big-pharma-techie alliance for vaccine profit got this going in some lab somewhere just because, or something else. So, did some evil group create this so-called pandemic to set up some globalist order or a system to track every person on the planet? Snippet three in the previous snippet post brings this up, only it is not a chip but an ID card. Supposedly, some tech geniuses want to put some tracking chip into a coming corona virus/covid-19 vaccine. Some are calling this chip ‘the mark of the beast.’

Back to the evil forces. The Bible verse Ephesians 6:12 lays this out–‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.’ (KJV, copyright-free) And that ‘spiritual wickedness’ is what controls the minions of evil, who will do whatever it takes to control the world and its people. Did they create this virus? Maybe. But it seems more likely they are using corona virus for their evil agenda; different minion groups have different evil agendas. If tech oligarchs combined with big pharma and others are creating a vaccine with a tracking chip as some claim, then that is, indeed, part of an evil agenda. Our Bill of Rights allows not only freedom of speech, thought, religion (or not), but also freedom of assembly. Without these rights, folks get anxious and fearful–perhaps that is what evil wants.

Notice I mentioned alliances between tech firms and ‘big pharma’ or what some would call ‘healers or philanthropists.’ And it just so happens (again, divine guidance) that two of my most important evil characters, Cole Blessing (The Prophesied Band) and Mark Besst (The Prodigal Band) are ‘healer/philanthropist’ and ‘tech oligarch,’ respectively. The first two snippets, from The Prophesied Band, feature Cole Blessing. The second two snippets, from The Prodigal Band, feature Mark Besst. Both Blessing and Besst, as with Swami Negran, have a task that their evil god Corion has given them and must be completed: get the prodigal band, Sound Unltd, to sign an ‘allegiance oath’ giving their souls to Corion.

In the first snippet, from Chapter Six of The Prophesied Band, ‘Doctor’ Cole Blessing is doing a television interview at his south Florida Eternal Life Institute where he ‘heals’ the high and mighty who can afford his multi-million-dollar fee for ‘healing’ using vegan-type diets. It is mid-April, 1996. Note: In another previous snippet on eating disorders, the female super-model/TV personality Ger, wife of singer-front man Erik, has trouble swallowing due to a previous bulimic episode. Why? Because she has developed esophagus cancer. She along with Erik and the children are going to go to that institute so Blessing can ‘heal’ her.

 “Dr. Blessing,” asked the smartly-dressed talk show host sitting at a mahogany desk opposite the wavy-brown-haired, forty-four-year-old Blessing dressed in a relaxed white doctor’s coat, “you’ve been called the homeopathic miracle worker of the nineties. Your macrobiotic food diet has been documented by traditional allopathic doctors as having cured or remitted twelve cancer cases—the most famous being that of Countess Cortesia reported last week. How did you discover this cure?”

“I myself was a victim of throat cancer five years ago.” The camera focused on his youthful, aquiline features. Not a line on his face. “I began reading how sickly old women in India were healed of their aging afflictions on a strict macrobiotic diet. No meat, no dairy products, no breads and nuts, no chemically-laden vegetables and fruits. All organic foods, primarily fruits.”

“But your main ingredient in the therapy is wheat-grass.”

“Yes. Wheat grass can be eaten, but here we make juice out of it. The body uses all of its enzymes for maximum energy. It’s one of nature’s simplest and most complete foods.”

And on and on. And for this denial of four of the five basic food groups, foods handed down to us by the Goodness of The Creator, the cost was a measly two million dollars.

But that didn’t faze Ger and Erik, both of whom would have given their entire fortunes to see her not only well, but healthier and more beautiful than ever. Dr. Blessing guaranteed it.

Never mind that Blessing had no medical certification or license, never had throat cancer, and was in fact the previous leader of Swami Negran’s Richmont Church of the Circle of Unity.


Much later that day Blessing walked through his outdoor therapeutic jungle of Amazonian flora with a young associate, who stopped the ‘doctor’ short. “I’m setting up everything with Ger Manilow’s secretary. Including a guest cottage for the family.”

“Good. I want both Ger Manilow and Erik Manning here to witness her cure. The regimen will certainly help him overcome his alcohol problems. And she is very important to the institute. Not only can I prove again that my cure will heal cancer, but her bulimia at the same time.”

“Always thinking of the PR value, aren’t you Cole?”

“Humph. Don’t be so negative. I really am interested in her case.”

“And her money,” the associate said snidely. “That thousand acre farm you want to buy in central Florida to grow your wheat grass. That land south of Richmont, California, for your Ashram.”

Blessing turned on him. “It’s not about money. It’s about curing the sick.”

“Sure, Cole. If all you want to do is cure the sick, you can do that in Calcutta alongside Mother Theresa.”

Sigh. “I’m not interested in curing beggars. I want to help those who greatly contribute to society.”

Aside, the other said, “Like we really need more diet-queens and rock stars.”

In the second snippet, from Chapter Eight of The Prophesied Band, Cole Blessing, inhabited by the evil god Corion, is holding a non-sacrificial satanic ritual in the large basement of his St. Xenos palace during a fund-raising ‘philanthropic’ gala attended by world leaders, entertainment stars, and others. Unbeknownst to Blessing and those in attendance, band drummer Tom and his lover, Princess Tina, witness this ritual which also features a very large red crystal, the ‘one crystal’ to rule them all, so to speak. It is late May, 2000.

Blessing’s voice bellowed with such force several gold statues near the west wall shook.

Corion was also in the room.

“My children,” the dark voice said, “soon I and Mother Nature will come forth to show the only way for the people of this beautiful lush planet—our way, as our enemies cringe and burn before us. Mother Earth will return to her greatness, my followers.”

The crowd chanted, “Your will be done, my lord.”

“Our enemies are being rounded up now, a herd for the slaughter, as our Master cleanses her domain, as I—with you at my right hand—come to the head of your world.”

“We are with you, my lord.”

In the third snippet, from Chapter Six of The Prodigal Band, the evil character Mark Besst is introduced. In 1995, tech CEO Mark Besst joins the Inner Sanctum of the satanic Hellyons at a child sacrifice in the evil banker Baron Torquay-Lambourgeau’s dungeon along with fellows Ally, Melanie, Duke Marty Effingchester and others. Later, Baron has a party over it and speaks with Besst, who vows to aid the cause of evil by cajoling the prodigal band Sound Unltd into finally signing their supposed ‘oath’ to Corion. Later in Chapter Six, Besst meets with band members as well as a record label CEO affiliated with the group.

And when Mark was standing at the foot of the altar as Baron Torquay thrust a sword into a terrified two-year-old orphan as a sacrifice to Satan-Lucifer-Corion, he would consider the event an episode of heightened consciousness, as if he was in a state of Buddhist nirvana.

And so it was, at the altar, when Melanie Ross, at his right side, in nothing but a hooded black robe, handed him a 24-carot gold cup of the sacrificial blood, which he slurped robustly.

The chanting of a satanic prayer began, but the Hellyon on his left side, Ally, implored, “Don’t drink it all, Mark! Leave some for the rest of us!”

The Hellyon closest to Torquay at the baron’s right, the last to sip the blood, was Marty, the Duke of Effingchester. After partaking, he threw the cup against the opposite rock wall and proclaimed, at the end of the ritual, “Come, O Lord Lucifer! This world is yours! And now Mark Besst is yours!”


Above ground in the ballroom of Torquay Hall where millions of dollars’ worth of gold, diamonds, pearls, and human bones and teeth were strewn, the Hellyons celebrated their newest member into their Inner Sanctum.

Torquay, half-naked in a satin black half-robe that nearly exposed his manhood as well as his somewhat flabby legs—he was 65—went up to Besst and grabbed his right arm, turning him around. “Your company success is now assured, and your competition will be destroyed, Mark. You will own the online media, completely. You will help us control planet Earth. Literally. Our Lord Lucifer will make you a god. Literally! For we, all of us here, are gods and goddesses.” Wicked laughter. “We rule the Earth at the behest of Our Lord.”

“Including Ally and Melanie?”

“Allyson Hallsey-Foxworth is 36, but she looks 16, right? Our Lord Lucifer keeps her young and maybe the sexiest woman alive. She drinks aborted fetus blood often. In fact, her company and foundation owns many abortion clinics on Earth, even in places like China. And Melanie? Same thing, but she has an even darker nature. She is the one that buys and sells babies and children for Ally and the rest of us. She now owns over one thousand orphanages and controls the ones my father used to own. She and Marty. And no one who works at these places will ever dare challenge either one of them.  As with my father,” he laughed, again wickedly, “they despise the masses and want their flesh and their blood.”

“Really? Well,” Mark laughed with a smirk, “they need to save some for me.”


“Yeah, I have watched Marty over the years, and hung around Rodney Davis as well. I consider them my mentors.” Then he flinched. “But what I don’t get is why Marty married that Tina! Such a bore! Not the Hellyon type I guess.”

Baron got nasty at the mention of her name. “Do NOT mention that wench! That marriage was arranged by her mother and father who just happen to be here tonight,” he pointed toward the bar, “over there. They are totally ashamed at her and want nothing to do with her and in fact,” Baron whispered in Mark’s ear, “have thought about killing her, what with her not wanting to be part of us! But I have told them not to even consider that.” Baron then talked in a normal voice. “Tina is good friends with a man whom we need with us and was promised to us many years ago, he and his five cohorts. Sound Unltd.”

“Really?!” Mark nearly shouted in surprise.

“Yes. All six have been promised to us, to Our Lord Lucifer, for many years, since the late 80s. But, Mark, something or someone keeps getting in the way. Whenever we think we have them, something happens.”

Mark then came up with an idea to serve his new master. “Maybe I can help on that front, Baron. They, all of them, even the doubters among them, trust me.”

In the final snippet, from Chapter Sixteen of The Prodigal Band, Besst and another satanic tech CEO meet at Besst’s manor near Torquay’s where Besst has a moment of eerie truth come upon him from his ‘master,’ Corion. A warning that his master will not tolerate Besst missing out on his avowed mission to capture the prodigal band.

At Mark Besst’s estate near Torquay Hall, June, 2003


Holding a printed copy of the July edition of a pop culture magazine, Mark Besst sighed in front of Stan, both sitting on plush leather easy-chairs in Mark’s study, facing each other, sipping brandy. The magazine article in discussion concerned the sudden deaths of several well-known rock musicians, considered suicides by examining authorities. Only months after a top American front man from Boston was blown up in his car outside his night club on Cape Cod.

“Four more rockers have been dealt with, Stan. Do you think Sound Unltd’s gotten the message yet?”

“You mean, are they scared?”

“No, I mean, have they gotten the message that we are coming for them? I do hope so! And it wouldn’t even matter if they came back into our fold.”

“They won’t.”

“Doesn’t matter. They know we are coming for them.” Sipped the last of the brandy, then threw the glass into the fireplace.

And then Mark had a slight seizure.

As the spirit of the Master, Lucifer, spoke instructions to Mark Besst.

Stan, upon seeing the seizure, ran over to Mark, who, while being given instructions, stared off into space as the seizure abated.

“What happened, Mark?”

Besst had no idea.

“You looked like you had a slight seizure!”

Looked quizzically at Stan. “Really? I’m fine, okay?”

But his mind reeled as Satan-Corion ‘instructed’ him. Hold off on your secondary jobs, Mark Besst! While the masses are clueless, those that know the rockers you have taken care of know it is you who has done it, and word is getting out! Some recording artists are even quitting the Foundation over it! Your job is to destroy the six! I don’t care how you do it, Mark, but you must do it, and soon. Two years at the most. Or I shall gnaw your bones forever!

And where does the notion of ‘gnawing on bones forever’ come from? The Bible, of course, as stated in Luke 13:28 and several verses in Matthew, out of the mouth of Christ Himself; this verse refers to the ‘outer darkness’ (that is, Hell) ‘where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ And guess who is doing the ‘gnashing’ or ‘gnawing’? Likely, Satan! On the ‘bones’ of those who dwell in Hell. Forever.

Do both Blessing and Besst suffer this fate? Buy the book to find out here!

The Prodigal Band Trilogy © 2019 by Deborah Lagarde, Battle of the Band © 1996 by Deborah Lagarde, The Prophesied Band © 1998 by Deborah Lagarde and The Prodigal Band © 2018 by Deborah Lagarde. Permission needed to copy any materials off this page.

Author: deborahlagarde

Born on Long Island, NY, in 1952, now live in the mountains of far west Texas. Began writing fiction stories at about 8 years old with pen and loose leaf paper, and created the characters in my Prodigal Band Trilogy as a teenager. From the 70s to the 90s I created the scenario which I believe was inspired. While bringing up and home schooling my two children I continued to work on the novels and published "Battle of the Band" in 1996 and "The Prophesied Band" in 1998. Took off the next several years to complete home schooling and also working as an office manager for the local POA. In 2016, I retired, then resumed The Prodigal Band, a FREE PDF book that tells the whole story to its glorious end. Hint: I'm a true believer in Christ and I'm on a mission from God, writing to future believers, not preaching to the choir. God gave me a talent and, like the band in my books, I am using that talent for His glory, not mine (and, like me, the band is on its own journey, only fictional.) I also wrote for my college newspaper and headed up production, was a columnist in a local newspaper in the early 2000s, and wrote for and edited "Log of the Trail," the news letter for the Texas Mountain Trail Writers, and wrote for and edited it's yearly catalog of writings, "Chaos West of the Pecos." OmegaBooks is my self-publishing sole proprietorship company founded in 1995. Other jobs included teaching secondary math, health aide, office worker, assembly line work, and free-lance writing and bookkeeping,much of it while home schooling.

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