Snippets-to-Spin-Offs: The Murder Rule, and More (Part Seven)—Reaching the Climax

In these final snippets from Part One of The Murder Rule I will post ‘the pre-climax’ so to speak, not revealing the name of the killer of rocker Denny Spradlin in early February, 1996. But this killer did know the man Denholm spoke with in the second snippet, a former rap superstar and record mogul himself, now living in fear for his life should he expose the true killer of Spradlin, among other reasons, such as betraying his oath to ‘the Order’ that Spradlin also betrayed and who suffered murder over it.

Denholm knew that this rap star named ‘Drakk’ was also in hiding, but did not know where. But he figured Drakk’s lawyer in the record label lawsuit that Drakk had lost, because the other side had threatened and bribed the judge to make sure Drakk’s side lost, would know where Drakk was. The lawyer’s name was Wilmont. Denholm made an appointment with Wilmont to find out where Drakk was.

The first snippet is below, and both snippets are copyright © 2022 Deborah Lagarde. The time frame is June, 2005.

On the hunt for Drakk, 2005

“I really do not think making this appointment with me, Mr. Denholm, will solve your problem of finding Drakk, as I cannot reveal to you where he is.”

So said Avery Wilmont, Solicitor, who was now retired and basically living off the largesse paid to him by Drakk, who, while losing his label and well over a billion pounds, was still wealthy enough to keep paying off this secret partner whom had vowed to not reveal where Drakk lived.

“Is Drakk still in danger for his life over the lawsuit?”

Wilmont lit a cigarette and sat at his desk in his home-office. “Not over the lawsuit. Over the fact that he knows who killed a number of former Order of Andelusia members who quit the ‘club’ so to speak. Dead men tell no tales, as the saying goes.”

I just happened to bring with me Denny’s copy of The Pleasure Rule manual which Kempullah had given to me to aid in my quest to find Denny’s killer.

“Yes, it’s in this book.” I showed Wilmont the manual.

“Yes, it is. Drakk told me all about it.”

I then told him what Blake had told me about his suspicion that Drakk as well as Fozz had a part in the murder of Denny Spradlin.

“But neither one really did have a part in it, Mr. Denholm.”

“Call me Lloyd.”

“Fine. Lloyd, while Fozz and Drakk may have been called to take part in Spradlin’s and other killings for breaking the rules so to speak, neither one actually took part. You will have to ask Drakk why—”

“Why? When you can’t even tell me where he is so that I can talk with him?”

Wilmont’s face went flush with the truth of it, which led to some verbal judo on my part.

“Because, Mr. Wilmont, when I am interviewing anybody, I need to see their face, facial expressions, their body language, which reveals to me their truth or their half-truths or their lies. Body language, Mr. Wilmont, body language. Anyone can say anything, true or false. But it is their body language that lets me know whether or not the person I am interviewing is being truthful or not. I cannot see their body language over the phone. Nor can I see their body language through e-mail or cell phone texting. The interview must happen face-to-face. That means I must meet with him. In secret. Maybe if you rang him up—he does have a phone, right?”

“So you want me to ring him and ask him if you can meet him face-to-face?”

“Yes. And hopefully, he agrees to meet me, in secret. Alone, at his house or wherever.”

And so it was to be. On a tiny island off the coast of Scotland, where he rented a cottage from the lord of the island under his real name seldom revealed in any pop culture magazine or other media, that being Percy Whitewell.

In the second snippet, Denholm meets with Drakk, two weeks later.

“You won’t reveal my real name, will you?”

So said Percy ‘Drakk’ Whitewell after greeting me at his door. He wore blue jeans, a white t-shirt, slippers, and held a pistol in his right hand.

“I will not reveal your real name.”

As I entered through the door I whispered, “You can put that gun away now.”

Drakk stuck it in a drawer near a couch made of leather, then sat down, as I sat in a similar chair.

“So you had nothing to do with Denny Spradlin’s death, which was not a suicide.”

“I didn’t do it. And Fozz didn’t either.” He lit a cigarette, then held it out to me. “Smoke?”

“No thanks, but a glass of water would help.”

“Sorry, man.” He got up and brought me a bottle.

“Thanks,” I said, then continued. “So, do you know who did kill Denny?”

Heavy breathing. “Yes.” He then nodded with apprehension written all over his face.

“Is the killer still alive?” Sip.

“Yes. Which is why I’m in hiding and only Wilmont—and now you—know where I am.”

“I will not reveal your place of residence, believe me. And I will also not reveal that it was Wilmont who set up the interview. He is retired, so I doubt anyone still thinks he has anything to do with you.” Another sip.

Drakk then sat back a bit more relaxed. “This killer is very powerful now in the music biz. He’s on the Directorate. He’s at the top of the Novordo Club—”

“Mark Besst?”

“Supposedly Mark Besst died or something last year. I mean the man he recruited—”

I cut Drakk short. “So let me go through my head then as to who did not have anything to do with it, or who has died since the death. Just give me a minute, eh?”

So it could have been Swami Negran, but he got car-crashed, supposedly. And Kumara, but he got bombed, supposedly. Cole Blessing? Likely not—he was in the US at the time, and he got impaled… I doubt if Torquay and his Luciferian minions had anything to do with it, and most of them died mysteriously anyway. Drakk said not Mark Besst, either, who supposedly died. So it must be someone among the new set of Novordos.

(Note: Then the name of the ‘someone among the new set of Novordos’ popped into Lloyd Denholm’s head. Sorry, no spoiler alerts!)

“Okay, Drakk, I’m finished considering who could have been involved but has passed on, as well as whom likely would not have had a part in Denny’s murder.” Sip of water. “You said Mark Besst recruited someone into the Novordo Club and is on the Directorate as well. By that I reckon you mean the Directorate that rules the music industry.”


“You also said this killer is powerful in the music biz, which is likely why he’s on their Directorate. And you do know this person.”


“So that,” another sip, “you know this person, and you know he is powerful in the industry, was recruited by a man who headed the Novordos—that is, Mark Besst—and is likely that powerful in the business because he now controls the record label that you and Fozz once controlled after he won that lawsuit in 2003, likely because Mark Besst backed him and likely he won because Besst bribed the judge, or maybe even threatened the judge.”

“Yes.” Drakk then hung his head in apprehension.

“So I know who you believe, or know, who committed the dirty deed.”

“And that is—”

“I don’t need to say his name, and his celebrity name is not his real name of course, but his ‘stage name’ so-to-speak. All I have to do is look up his real name on some search engine using his stage name. And you know of whom I speak, so I will not have to even mention his name. And he is the one who did it, correct?”

“Yes.” Still hung his head. Guilty feeling?

“But the thing is, Drakk, was you-know-who originally part of the plot? Or did you or Fozz or both of you recruit you-know-who to do the killing instead, offering him some reward for doing so?”


And what was that reward? Being signed to the FozzWorld rap label a short time  later—for at the time he was only fifteen-years-old and was just getting his rap career started—and his sex partner ‘career’ started with former Hellyon Inner Sanctum member, tech guru Mark Besst.

And then Drakk revealed to me how it all went down.

With loved ones coming out to visit and other events, my next post, likely from The Murder Rule Part Two, will be in mid-July. I also need to do some editing of this Part One as well.

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Author: deborahlagarde

Born on Long Island, NY, in 1952, now live in the mountains of far west Texas. Began writing fiction stories at about 8 years old with pen and loose leaf paper, and created the characters in my Prodigal Band Trilogy as a teenager. From the 70s to the 90s I created the scenario which I believe was inspired. While bringing up and home schooling my two children I continued to work on the novels and published "Battle of the Band" in 1996 and "The Prophesied Band" in 1998. Took off the next several years to complete home schooling and also working as an office manager for the local POA. In 2016, I retired, then resumed The Prodigal Band, a FREE PDF book that tells the whole story to its glorious end. Hint: I'm a true believer in Christ and I'm on a mission from God, writing to future believers, not preaching to the choir. God gave me a talent and, like the band in my books, I am using that talent for His glory, not mine (and, like me, the band is on its own journey, only fictional.) I also wrote for my college newspaper and headed up production, was a columnist in a local newspaper in the early 2000s, and wrote for and edited "Log of the Trail," the news letter for the Texas Mountain Trail Writers, and wrote for and edited it's yearly catalog of writings, "Chaos West of the Pecos." OmegaBooks is my self-publishing sole proprietorship company founded in 1995. Other jobs included teaching secondary math, health aide, office worker, assembly line work, and free-lance writing and bookkeeping,much of it while home schooling.

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