Happy Resurrection Day…Or Easter…Or Passover

And speaking of Passover, a group of members of the church I belong to had a Passover meal the previous Saturday on the day Judaics have what is called the Seder, a Passover meal. I did not attend, but fine for whoever did. Jesus Christ, the ‘Passover Lamb’ so to speak–the sacrifice for sin, that is, in the Jewish Passover feast time which requires lamb or other sacrifices for sin–likely also celebrated the Seder in His day. Most Christians call this Holy day Easter, but I call it Resurrection Day.

I prefer Resurrection Day since it is the day Christ was resurrected, that is, came back to life as seen by Apostles, Disciples and others.  Easter or Resurrection Day follows Good Friday, where Christ died in the crucifixion (as would the Passover Lamb die as the sacrifice for sin), and then Holy Saturday, where Christ “descends into Hell” as the Apostles Creed states in order to liberate good souls who did not have the opportunity to claim Christ as Savior but did God’s will anyway (such as the prophets, John the Baptist, and others). But instead of a Passover sacrifice which would have to be replicated year after year, this Sacrifice was for all sin, for all sinners, for all time. If you are not a believer on Christ, please consider that act as an option for you.

The Apostles Creed, by the way, is a statement of faith uttered mostly by Roman Catholics, and maybe Orthodox…I don’t really know much about the various Orthodox Christian doctrines, but maybe they say this Creed as well. Or maybe an Orthodox version…. the Catholic version mentions the Catholic church.

Hopefully, you won’t be stuck at home and can attend church on this Christian holy day, which is where the word ‘holiday’ comes from. My state, Texas, is now ‘open for business’ (and never should have closed in the first place! If one is sick, covid or otherwise, stay home! Sheesh!), and hopefully, so is yours. Or your country if outside the US. Virtual church or ‘e-church’ is fine, but still… It’s better to actually be able to receive Communion if you know what I mean…

Blessings! Further, I will be posting early the coming week. The post will concern the original ‘Foreword’ of the original third trilogy novel, The Prodigal Band.

Happy Resurrection Day! (Aka Easter)

Jewish? Happy Passover.

Stuck at home? Believe me, this FREE PDF of my third trilogy novel The Prodigal Band will NEVER give one Corona Virus!


Photo of crown at Washington DC Museum taken by Deborah Lagarde, copyright 2009.