A Word About This Site Configuration and Scrolling to Read Posts

The latest posts are listed with the most recent one at the top, then going down in descending order to the previous, then the previous one, etc. But at some point one will notice a post one has scrolled past a few minutes ago…in other words, the posts are repeating while scrolling down. That is because the post that is repeated is on “page 2” of the home page, then comes “page 3” and the rest….likely by now there are about ten “pages” of posts back to the beginning of this site. This can be confusing, which is why I am writing about this configuration. If one is confused, then it might be a good idea to head over to my blog where snippet categories (not including the most recent snippet categories) are listed along with the posts within the categories. The links to these posts begin with the ‘music industry’ snippets and the ones with historical context. The links to the ‘random’ category posts will be posted on the blog shortly. So, if you want to more quickly access a snippet category or post, the blog is the place to go.